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Acting : When you're 15 by Martina Andrene Michael

When you're 15

How can a fifteen year old girl achieve her dreams where there are no acting schools around and auditions here are very very rare?

Jack Ritter

Have you tried making a reel? Put yourself on camera and use that to show off your talent.

Brian Gerson

Use internet venues like YouTube or Vimeo to showcase your reel. But the best thing to do is to just start doing it, even if you feel you're not good enough yet, just keep doing it you'll only get better. And then network and tell people about your videos and just ask them to watch it and ask how they liked it.

Jen Govey

I agree with Brian, create your own youtube channel and take destiny into your own hands. :D Also try to connect with similar minded people in your area - maybe start your own film-making club.

Mathilda Paradeiser

Don't quit! Follow your dream. I got my first role at 14 and now 19 I am really just learning the trade. The most important thing is do not leave your education. See if there is an acting school that you can enroll in, even if it means moving away when you are older. You are still so young, I had the fortune of having a major role at 14 but I knew that the hard work would be from 16-18. Just keep at it, make a YouTube channel and just act away. The more you act the more you learn about yourself. Some great advice here and above all never stop being you!

Brandon Koots

I would recommend the same thing. Where I live I don't have auditions at all. Unless we make our own play. I started a youtube channel a few months ago. But I really don't know what to post to grow/get an audience. I only have 1 monologue on there. I neef ideas...

Mark Burnham

Start making films. Get a camera, any kind. Watch a bunch of short films. Find a story you want to tell, any kind. Get your friends to help you. Learn as you grow as an artist. Then do it all again...and again...and again. A community will develop around the creative influence you generate. Submit your film to film festivals near and far. Follow where ever it leads.

Michael Phelps

Hi Brian, WELOCME. I look forward to sharing your riendship on Stage 32 and applauding your triumps. Have a great Tuesday.

Jen Govey

@Brandon have you checked out the free youtube courses online? http://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/education.html I can also recommend the advice at VideoCreators https://www.youtube.com/videocreators

Brandon Koots

Thanks Jen! I will be reading tonight!

Phil Keys

You have many ,many years ahead of you. Use them well and grab every opportunity you get as if it's your last. may great luck and good Karma ride with where ever you go!

Roy Lewis Garton

If you live in a area with no classes, consider your church, start a film group, or contact the high school theatre or drama club teacher to see if he or she would start a class if enough are interested

Lisa Regina

Skype Sessions are a great way to connect you to the industry. I coach many young students via Skype, and they 'tape' their auditions and submit electronically. Many auditions are done this way. I just coached my young actor, Frank Catania, he's in LA filming! I'd be glad to guide you, feel free to reach out:) Lisa Regina

Dave Slattery

Be yourself. When you are talking to someone ask questions to keep the conversation going. Start a conversation with someone you don't know well. Laugh and be happy. Read when ever you can. Sing along with radio. All acting is just like life. You are playing your part without a script. Improv is important. Use a different voice. Just be yourself. But always keep the goal fresh in your mind. Being an actor should be the #1 thing that you strive for, but don't overlook other opportunities. Good Luck Martina

David Norman North

Yes local schools and theatres are great to learn and master the craft if interested

Sae C.

I second Lisa's comment as it's a promising method used by most in the industry, especially if you lack the means locally.

Taylor Hay

Film festivals are a great way to get noticed and to practice your craft. Ask your friends to see who might have a video camera or good cell phone you can use and shoot your own work. Keep practicing until you get better. Take whatever classes you can to learn and look on the internet for videos and material to practice. You're only limited by your own imagination. I'm also fifteen. I'm blessed to live in California, but don't let your location stop you. You can act anywhere!

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