Acting : Where to begin by Lauren Maxey

Lauren Maxey

Where to begin

This business is overwhelming.....i simply don't know where to begin. I live in the centre of London and am looking for open auditions and don't know where to look. Any advise?

Ken Dohse

Does Facebook in London have Groups you can connect to? Search for casting directors, or auditions, or something with those keywords. If something comes up join the group and see if that will lead you. Here in Atlanta, GA USA there are websites that are set up that we can go to to find auditions. Nothing like that in London?

Robert David Kelso

Try the stage paper, as well as checking out the stage online . Weirdly enough google does bring up a few searches but needs to be checked daily really. If you have a London based agent they should also have information about local open auditions. Just remember open auditions can be very crowded with very little time to perform. But it is all good experience.

Ken Dohse

Lauren, please do not let it overwhelm you. Pace yourself, keep your eye on your dream and goal and do everything in the interim to build your only product; YOU. Build others around you and encourage them. You will find that as you build other people, you are also filling your own foundation with all the materials you need to build your own house. Build on the rock, not the sand, and be sure to add the plumbing to let all the crap go out that you do not need in your craft and in your business. By that I mean the overwhelming feeling and the discouragement from others, the questions, the...junk. You got this!! We are all here to help.

Jeffrey Paul McMahon

Really like the analogy ( a creative way of talking about 'networking' which is becoming so repetitive these days)

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