Acting : kind passionate like-minded People by Naomi Lisner

Naomi Lisner

kind passionate like-minded People

I want to say that I have been on this site for two weeks and I have connected with the most wonderful giving, warm and generous people from all over the world. There is a strong sense of camaraderie. I recently joked with one actor from the US about working together and it now seems that he has just landed the lead in a feature film and part of the movie is being shot in NZ. I am now in talks with he director about a role, after my name was brought forward. I look forward to meeting up with more people from all over.

Chris Dos Santos

Only been on for half and hour and I am very impressed. Great site.

Naomi Lisner

Agreed Chris. Its great to see the enthusiasm :)

Naomi Lisner

Happy that you are now part of my network :)

Chris Dos Santos

Likewise. Thank you.

Justin Kapr

Good story!

Dave Sullivan

I completely agree Naomi. Peace Dave

Brian Shell

I totally agree Naomi... it's been one week on Stage 32, and I truly appreciate what it presents for us creative types!

Kriss Sprules

I've been here since more or less the beginning, and it gets better every day. I've even of my favorite writers in my network!

Tiffy Diamond

That's amazing! Always glad to see the community supporting each other. :)

Arthur Wooten

This is fantastic!

Tyler Wolfe

Its a cool site. I didn't like it at first but that was just because I wasn't actively doing anything. But, I started interacting with folks and actually had an audition the other day that I got through a connection on here! Congrats on your accomplishment, too, Naomi!

Lynnette Dolan

I completely agree!!!

Laura Koons

Love it!

Amanda Nevarez

Well done!

Naomi Lisner

Thank you. It seems great that this happened on this site and I hope it continues with casting agents, producers/ directors etc looking to this site and the talent available and skipping the usual procedures when looking for actors and crew. Hopefully, we can all help each other.

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