Animation : First time pitching. NEED ADVICE PLEEEEASE! by Tommy Chandler

Tommy Chandler

First time pitching. NEED ADVICE PLEEEEASE!

I'm sweating from anxiety and anxiousness! This is my baby that I'm pitching for the first time on the phone December 6th. Please help this sweaty boy with some advice!

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

Relax dude. It often doesn't work out. You'll do okay, don't worry, its killing.

Kumar Sambhav

watch steve jobs Stanford speech 2005, and then u will see the magic, all d best

Bob Harper

Be yourself, be natural and conversational. You are selling yourself as much as you are selling your project. Practice with people you know and get feedback.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Structure, Practice, then invite them along the ride.

For the Structure -

Practice by recording yourself and playing back. Get it down to 5-6min so the Exec has time to ask questions. Make it as tonally appropriate as possible (funny for a comedy, weighted for a drama), and pitch to as many others as you can before then (we have a weekly practice for peer feedback in the Writer's Room:

And on the day... just invite them to fall in love with it the way you have! Everyone wants to get excited about a project, so share that enthusiasm with them. At the very least, you'll make their day a little brighter (and in turn, yours will be better, too).

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Tommy Chandler

Ya'll are easing my mind with the overwhelming positive advice! AND THIS is why I love the Stage 32 community!

Claude Gagne

No sweat!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Aww, you're welcome, sir! Let us know how it goes!

Tommy Chandler

Update: It went better than expected...they want to read my pilot!!!!!

Kumar Sambhav

Tommy Chandler many congratulations !!!

Karen "Kay" Ross

WaHOO! Congrats Tommy Chandler!

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