Animation : If you are afraid AI will take your job watch this first by Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

If you are afraid AI will take your job watch this first

Terrence Sellers

Speaking as someone who works in tech marketing, I think a lot of people should be afraid of AI taking their jobs. I see many people, both amateur and veteran, saying that their work looks better, and that might be true. But we've seen the content industry slowly dumb down and lower the expectations of the public for decades. We see this in writing quality as well. You being able to out perform AI isn't going to save your job if the companies that pay to produce things are happy with the output produced by AI in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. The real question isn't whether or not you can out perform AI. It's whether the audience will still pay for AI produced quality content. And sadly, the audience had been groomed to accept lower quality. While I don't think this was done intentionally with AI in mind, I do think the 2 things will ultimately meet and screw over many working professionals.

To be clear, I'm one of those professionals that will be affected and am already seeing this sort of thing be forced into use within the tech industry.

Amanda Toney

Terrence Sellers - absolutely love your insight on this. It is concerning in a variety of ways. Technology should be used to enhance or make things efficient, not take over and dull down the creative experience. Kevin, thanks for sharing this video, it's a great share.

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