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Kevin M Green

Pitching animation to television...

This has been a lingering thought for quite some time and I wanted to see if any professionals on here could provide an answer: What is the best way to pitch a cartoon to television? Do you need an agent? What exact tools do you need to pitch your idea? Is the myth of "it's all about who you know" true? Any feedback is welcome...

Sonny Dyon

I'm interested in this as well. I have an animated series that I've been working on and I've received the gamut of advice. Some companies asked me for a pilot. Others said they'd only look at a sizzle reel. Some asked for an animatic, while others wanted full-on animation style, some only wanted the bible…it's literally been all over the place. I also heard that you should get a great cast and that would help you sell it…I've kind of done all of the above, when I go out to sell, I'll check back in and let you know what the networks say.

Andrew Gmerek

Has anyone answered this question? I'll talk to someone I know and get her thoughts. She's done some things with animation.

Kevin M Green

Thanks Sonny and Andrew! Any feedback you guys get back and are willing to share, I'd greatly appreciate it. Been working on this project of mine for so long and now want to find a company to pitch it to. I have all of the above (bible, pilot script, working on an animatic trailer, and even have a couple of promo videos). Just need to figure out the next step.

Steve Rimpici

Gents: I'm a VO actor so if you need help with your projects please let me know. I'll be happy to help.

Bob Harper

I've had options at Cartoon Network and Disney. I'll be pitching again this coming season. To pitch to major networks, you do need an agent or manager. If you have the means then produce a short that can be seen online. It helps to know people to get in the door, but in the end it's about the idea and whether the execs warm up to you and if you can execute the idea or are open to them executing it for you.

Janet Clarke

Hey Kev - My five cents here. You need a number of things. Talent, a new/memorable idea, and a gift of gab for pitching (if not, practice there helps.) These are all essential. But NONE of them will do you any good until you know someone in the industry. It's all about who you know is not a myth. Talent will get you nowhere unless you network. That's (perhaps sadly) your number one priority. So - network every way you can, every moment you can. If you do get that in? THEN you better make sure you've got something good to show. So connections aren't everything. But a brilliant writer without them will never see the light of day.

Peter Carr

Both Bob and Janet are correct; First 'We do not accept un-solisited material" means exactly that. If you do not have a Literary Agent who representes screen writers then no Network, Studio or mover & shaker Producer will even open your envelope. No matter if you have written the next block buster, your query and script will just sit there un read. It sounds harsh but there's a reason & you already know it. How many times have you heard "that would be a great TV show" when you know it would stink. Everyone has a great film or TV. show idea and what sorts out which have any merit and which have none is....Agent. If you have the talent then your properties will show it and an Agent will recognize it. Networking will open a lot of doors for you and plays a huge role in the industry. It's not only what you know but who you know. Put your portfolio together, put on your best hipster clothes and start cold calling Agents & Rep.'s. Stay away from or at least investigate any so called 'online pitch festivals' or online services that guarantee getting your work into the hands of those who'll green light it. They're like background talent vulcher's, agencies who charge upfront fees just so you can work 18 hours as an extra on a bad series that never seems to happen.

Kevin M Green

Wow, great responses everyone. Thanks, you've been a big help in helping me understand how this industry works. I'm definitely going to work on getting an agent and also continue to network with others that are in this industry.

Scott Christianson

kevin Greeting, My name is Scott and i am working on an animation film. So i have some good info for you please contact me when you have time.

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