Animation : Script Down Short or Trailer to Go? by TC Bolden

TC Bolden

Script Down Short or Trailer to Go?

Hi all, first post (yay!)... super glad to be here and hopefully in the right place. I’ve written an animated feature called “Instrumental” about what happens when the only ones that can save the music are the instruments themselves and am what I believe at the point to work with an animation studio but would like to know if a trailer or a short makes sense to build a following and help market to potential investors and producers and/or distributors. I have a character teaser at my site Welcome any and all thoughts on how to proceed. Also is there a good list out there for considerations when looking for animation studios? Thank you!

Steven Vandrilla

I can only tell you what I did and I am not unlike you. First let me tell you what our writer... 25 novels, book for major movie screenplay, lifetime movie,... etc told me before she agreed to be our writer... "no movie first... very costly and small market with a small chance for success... but if you make it a series, there is a growing and hungry market... Then I'm in"!. To get her interest I wrote and scripted 4 minutes of 3D animation. I can refer you to the animator that produced the 4 minutes for us. She is reasonable and great to work with. The business will tell you to go the normal route... story boards etc... but you as I was are not a person that is on anyone's speed dial... show do the best you can to showcase your story(I think it is a good story).

Karen E Ross

Hey, TC Bolden! I just moved to LA from the DC area! You seem familiar - have you ever gone to any Women in Film events?

One way to find good animation studios is to reach out to the studios who have made things that are comparable to what you're making. If you sign up for IMDbPro, you can get their contact info and submit an inquiry.

Actually, the person to ask would be Frank Gladstone from ASIFA-Hollywood, and he's accepting questions for a VLOG he'll be doing for Stage32! Taylor posted about it asking for questions, if you scroll through Animation, you'll find it.

TC Bolden

Thanks all for the advice and the concept love. I appreciate it! Karen E Ross yep definitely have been to some WIFV events. Crazy in a universe so big...That’s so awesome that you made the move! I’m going to ask that question now!

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