Anything Goes : Strong Female Protagonists by Rey Otis

Rey Otis

Strong Female Protagonists

I want to know your opinion: my main characters tend to be conflicted, strong, damaged but resourceful you think advertising this is a negative for producers/filmmakers?

Brenda LeGeral Gafford

Hi Rey. I personally don't feel that having a main character with those characteristics a form of negative advertising for a filmmaker. If the story is well-written and the character captures's all good.... :)

Rey Otis

Thanks Brenda. I'm basing this question on a small bit of feedback. I appreciate yours!

Royce Allen Dudley

You write what you write. No problem.

Bo Dean

So someone gave the feedback that your characters are too damaged to be leads? Can you give an example? I think a lead character usually needs to be flawed in some way.

Rey Otis

The feedback was more along the lines of - and I'll paraphrase here - 'why advertise that your protagonist is female? Strong is good, conflicted is good but damaged and female in the same character? Not so appealing' - and that is why I posted

Anton West

How do you feel about your characters, Rey? Do you believe in them? If you think they are true then you should keep on writing them just as they are. 'Damaged' is probably a subjective judgement. I am puzzled that being a female and damaged is such a no-no. I'm guessing it was a guy who said that! Would damaged and male be OK? Weird,

Brian Steinmetz

Six words: Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Death Proof. If QT can do it, you can do it.

Rey Otis

Haha Brian, already done. My girls are jacked up and ready to take em down!

Sarah Schulz

I imagine it would depend on who you're pitching the script to--for some producers/directors/actors, strong and damaged would be exactly what they'd love to portray. As a woman, I enjoy strong characters but that doesn't mean they all have to be Ripley (though she's cool too); examples I thought of when I read your post are the female leads in The Kids Are All Right and Jennifer Lawrence's characters in Silver Linings Playbook and in the Hunger Games. Damaged but resourceful, yep, I love those.

Rey Otis

I am very sure that I pushed a button for this producer. It happens. Key that up with the insecurities that all writers encounter from time to time and you have a wacky ass post like this one. Thank you all for your perspectives and insight. Truly appreciated!!!!

Yasmin Neal

seems fine; but the damaged part...ummm we see a lot of "damaged" female characters already. But it depends on what story people are looking for when you present it to them

Simon © Simon

I think it depends on the way you write it out, for one. IGE: A Damaged and Vulnerable female who uses her resources to become strong and vindicated. "The Arc" I am sure that is in your plot just make sure when presenting you keep those in a hierarchy of events. IMO

Brittany Riley

As an up and coming actress, I love when I see projects with these roles. It sounds like a male had given you bad feed back but as a feminist, women empowerment is something that has been a hot flavor from dove commercials on how we portray our beauty to "don't be sorry" by Pantene. If your writing can make women feel realistic elements such as being damaged to strength...... I believe you would be making something truly beautiful. Much respect and the best of hope for you to prove that "ignorant" person, you are in the right mind frame.

Rey Otis

Brittany Riley, thank you.

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