Cinematography : Advice on the best lens to film location footage of tarantulas spiders on Canon 70D SLR cameras by Andrew Martin Smith

Andrew Martin Smith

Advice on the best lens to film location footage of tarantulas spiders on Canon 70D SLR cameras

Cinema-photographers - I am in need of sound advice. Thirty years ago my small natural history production company made two documentaries on tarantula spiders - which have become classics (primarily, as you can imagine, they are very specialist niche) and today - can still be downloaded on a spider download website we have constructed. We filmed them with the bulky Sony video cameras of the day - and they look good as a download on tablets but awful on a HD TV. So we want to start all over again - making specialist tarantula spider documentaries. We intend to use two Canon 70D cameras on solid tripods - so no wobble - but what we want to know is what would be the best lens to use for shooting video with these camera bodies? It is going to be very hot and dusty and we will be operating in the back end of no where - so if possible we would rather not have to keep taking lenses off. Is there a good compromise lens where we can shoot habitat shots, talking head shots and tarantula spiders shots???? As we are talking tarantulas we are not looking at macro macro - but it would be useful to shoot decent size bugs - which would fit on the palm of your hand.

Hasitha Warnasooriya

i recommend Zeiss planer series 100mm lens. its macro and has 1.4 stops. which is good for low light conditions. the lens itself is sharp and has good tones.

Dario Lake

I agree with Hasitha Zeiss planar will be your best best for what you need to achieve.

Andrew Martin Smith

Much appreciated - thank you for your advice.

Hunter Mossman

The Zeiss is great and a solid choice. I can also recommend Canon's 100mm macro L series as well. It's a 2.8 but delivers some amazing images for the price.

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