Cinematography : Helpful Tools for Planning Your Shots! by Roth Rind

Roth Rind

Helpful Tools for Planning Your Shots!

Hey all, if you haven't checked out the following tools for shot listing, storyboarding and pre-viz, you reall should. These have saved me countless hours and have helped me hone in on the shot, color scheme, or timing I really want to achieve!


SHOT DECK ---- A great way to look up specific shots via a "search by tag" mechanic. The site continuously updates with more movies, shots, and color palettes!

ARTEMIS PRO ---- A great app for your phone to design your shots, find lighting, choose lenses, and hone your vision

STUDIO BINDER ---- So many options for your production, but really great tools for storyboarding as well


MIXAMO ---- Import your 3d models or download some through the site. Choose an action for your character and download that animation to import straight into your Pre-Viz software of choice. I love using this to picture how the film will play out!

CINETRACER ---- Use videogame graphics, models, characters, locations to create your movie and design your movie.

FRAMEFORGE STUDIO PRO ---- Paid, but excellent options for templated locations, 3d assets, keyframed camera movements, etc.

SHOTDECK :: Fully Searchable High-Res Movie Images
SHOTDECK :: Fully Searchable High-Res Movie Images
A celebration of film,one beautiful frame at a time. ShotDeck is the largest collection of fully searchable high-definition movie images in the world. Hello directors, cinematographers, designers, ad…
Taylor C. Baker

Thank you SO much for this amazing list of resources Roth Rind!

Karen "Kay" Ross

This is an EPIC RESOURCE LIST! You, sir, rocketh.

StudioBinder has SO much good stuff - do you use their screenwriting software as well, or just import your completed PDF for Pre-VIz?

Vital Butinar

I've been using shot deck, studio binder and cine tracer for quite some time and I must say they're really great tools.

John Steele

Don’t forget about Milanote. A very underrated preproduction program and my go to when planning and sharing. I often will do zoom meetings to discuss a project. While you are on there you can see others colored cursors on a board.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thanks for that addition, John Steele, I'll be sure to add Milanote to my resource list! Just looking over it, I LOVE how they break down their tools into techniques - there is even on for "mood boards"! How cool!

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