Cinematography : New Reel by Chris Jones

Chris Jones

New Reel

Hi, if you've got a spare minute or three please have a look at my new showreel and let me know what you think.

Erin R. Dooley

Nice work. Great reel - it shows such a variety of looks you've done.

Chris Jones

Thanks Erin

Jessica Devlin


Dale Sumner

Hi Chris, watched your promo - nice work and very tasty looking website!

Daniel J. Pico

Chris, I took a look at your reel. And first I say congrats on having a great eye and providing some nice visuals. But you asked what I thought in your post. I feel like your doesn't excite me as much as it should, the reason is I dont see how you as the cinematographer contribute to the story and story telling. Now if your goal is to get music videos with this reel then I say you've got enough here to make that work, but if you are looking for feature work, I'd consider re cutting the reel to show more sequences for the films, blocks of individual films with their own separate tone so I can see not just your nice compositions, but you as a fellow story teller and collaborator with a director. My humble thoughts.

Steve Brightwell

Hello Chris, great works! I love the music videos!

Sabina Giado

Excellent work Chris - everything we could want in a DOP :-) To the best of my knowledge. I sincerely hope we get to work together soon.

Naomi Lisner

Just watched, really enjoyed, congrats!

Chris Jones

Thanks for all your kind comments! Daniel, I agree that for drama it would be good to see more sequences from individual films so you can get an idea of how I tell stories through my work. I will put together a drama reel at some point.

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