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Nathaniel Jones

Best places to find film makers to score for

Hello, It always seems like a hit or miss kind of pool to swim in. Anyone have any great job boards to help connect with aspiring film makers? Thanks in advance. Any leads would be helpful shopping the library attached to the link to follow. Best: N.Jones

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N.Jones, Protilius Productions Artist Profile |
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Samuel Estes

Hi Nathaniel, In my experience it doesn't quite work like this. Most directors or producers develop relationships with their composers and find through either word of mouth or just finding someone to work with. That being said, keep looking at S32 Job boards, there are some Gems that pop up on there. Use S32 to connect with film makers and that'd be your best bet!

Jason Lopez

The best advice I can give is keep grinding.i just found out a sound from my catalog was used in a major Canadian film that made over 3 million and if I was to tell you what ascap paid me you would tear your hair i didn't any real money,but I learned to stay determined to pursue my career as a composer/producer/engineer. You have to do everything from join sites like this one to searching music supervisor's and music licensing companies to pitch your music.Its more than enough money for every one.We just have to make ourselves more accessible.

Dana Solomon

Networking more & more is a major thing. I've started to put more emphasis on that aspect of my career for 2016. I had already been networking, but in the past few years, I basically had been putting more of my efforts towards polishing my craft as a composer rather than expanding my network. That's needed. But the truth is, no one is going to just simply call or email you because you're an accomplished musician/composer. In fact, you possibly may be more talented than some people that are making a living solely from music. But the difference is, most of the time those persons networked their butt off to get their name in the circle of things happening. Even though they may be just good enough to fake it till they make it. I can say that I hooked up with a couple of people on Stage32 for some small projects. At least I was able to add those projects to my portfolio, and get IMDB credits from them. Stage32 allows you to connect with people from all over the country and world. So at least the good thing about being a composer, is that you don't always have to "physically" be on set, like an actor, or production assistant in order to contribute to a film professionally. Most of the time, a director sending you the .mov of the scenes to score is sufficient.

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