Composing : Coffee & Content: How Music Becomes An Actor In Film by Maurice Vaughan

Maurice Vaughan

Coffee & Content: How Music Becomes An Actor In Film

Joanna Karselis

Great share Maurice Vaughan! Interesting that Williams picked out ET as his favourite score in its totality in his collaboration in Spielberg. Love the idea of the initial feedback on the Jaws theme being "he's teasing me"! But it makes absolute sense when Williams breaks it down. And fascinating that the shark wasn't working and they had to re-work so much of the film, putting the onus on the music. Amazing.

Tamara Miller

love this!! Thank you for sharing Maurice!

Maurice Vaughan

The "E.T." score is epic, Joanna Karselis. My favorite Spielberg movie score is the "Jaws" score. Imagine if Spielberg and Williams would've gone a different direction with the score.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Tamara Miller. Do you have a favorite Spielberg movie score?

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