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Kenan Hudaverdi

Composer wanted

looking for a composer to do an original score for a short anti war film, the film has been shot and we are moving into editing stage now, unfortunately there's no payments but the film is a powerful message against all the wars in the world now contact me here please if you are interested

Hassan Khan

Check out the portfolio and let me know what do you think.

Kenan Hudaverdi

Hello Hassan thank you for Getting in contact with me I have listen to your music it sounds very impressive can i get back to you regarding all this when we have started editing kind regards kenan

Hassan Khan

Sure Man, You can contact me here in future.

Alistair Melville

Hi Kenan, You can also check out my original music on my soundcloud page. Anti war is something I can relate too very strongly, good on you for taking on such a difficult subject. Best wishes !

Alistair Melville

oops forgot to leave my email :

Kenan Hudaverdi

Thank you Alistair for your reply I hope we can work together in the future :)

Ntinos Tselis

Hey Kenan, pls have a listen at Wish you all the best!

Jeffrey Tincher

Am interested. If you are looking for modern music,, for orchestral work,

Kenan Hudaverdi

i want to thank everyone who has sent me messages here regarding original music scores i am greatfull for your contact and right now we are at the editing stage so i will get back to everyone once we have done a first cut of the short film kind regards Kenan

Vikas No

I am engaged writing music for films and all of what I'm missing - a few good projects. I have a willing to work with beginning directors, non-profit organizations at no charge basis. During communication I will consider all your wishes, as well as features and ideas of your movie. And you totally free improve your project through good music. My Portfolio:

Aaron Kaplan

40 piece orchestral example of my music: . All the best, Aaron

Joseph Weisnewski

Hi Kenan, You can find out more about me and my music at Anti-war is a subject close to my heart having resisted the draft during the Viet Nam war. I am increasingly appalled at the direction that our government and arm industry has taken us. Good luck with the project. I'd love to take part if possible.

Michael O'Neill

Hi Kenan,you can hear a small sampling of my work in my Reel here at Stage 32

Barbara Boyer
Scotty Vercoe

Hi, I'm an award-winning composer interested in hearing more about your project.

Elizabeth-Jane Baldry

Hi Kenan My music is haunting and faintly disturbing. It's hard to know whether it would be suitable for you without seeing your antiwar film, but you can listen to some clips here: Good luck with your project! Love Elizabeth-Jane xx

Elliot Sokolov

Hey, I'm an experienced award winning composer for film and media with many years of experience and credits. Please check out my music at and at I have a library of my music available for licensing, as well as creation of original scores. Thanks, Elliot

Gonzalo Garcia Santos

Hi Kenan. Feel free to contact me if you like my music:

Martyn Swain

Hi Kenan, I'm an Emmy award-winning composer, heading up a very exciting and experienced new team. I'm happy to submit tailored ideas after seeing some rushes/rough edits. Cheers, Martyn Swain

John Niland

Out of New Zealand. I'm interested.

Peter Lobo

Hi Kenan, I'm very interested in composing music for you. Please visit my site at with sound clips, more info and reel. Let me know what you think. Peter Lobo

Elliot Sokolov

Hey, please take a listen to my work. and Thanks!

Tom Smith, click on the gramophone, let me know if anything works. Thanks, Tom

Peter Lobo

Hi Kenan. I'll be happy to compose a music score for your film. PLease visit my page at

Aleksander Vezuli

Hi Kenan. I am an experienced composer. I'd like to invite you at my website to take a look of my film video clips and if you like my music style let me know. Thank you.

Jon Pileggi

Hi Kenan, sounds like a good project! Please check out some of my scores at also check out my imdB. Hope the film is working out good for you! Thanks, Jon

Didier Euzet Composer

Hi Kenan... Maybe you will be like my music ? (for example to the +/-900 songs catalog) Warmest regards, Didier

Ric Sandler have studio and all the VIs to create what you need

Big Mike

Hi Elliot, great credits!

Samer Kateet

Hello Kenan, I can help with an original score but need to watch first to know the feeling of the scenes. You can contact me here or on email

Enzo de Rosa

Ciao! It's a good work for a right cause!

Jon Landers

I may have just the right guy for you. He just wrote a song supporting the troops that may be perfect. If interested, contact me at

Josh Zamora

Hello Kenan, I would love the opportunity to score your short film. Feel free to check out my demo reel, or my website where I have a lot more musical examples.

Michel Marbaix

hello you can check out some of my stuff on xiabram i have a lot of folk songs as well about this issue .

Ric Sandler I have done film and TV but this site is my artist site. I can send examples if interested.

Gonzalo Garcia Santos

Hi Kenan. My web: I´d love work with you. Best

Arthur Varkvasov - Film, Theatre, Game And TV Composer

Hi! My name is Arthur Varkvasov, I am a professional composer, arranger and musician. I can write any kind of musical genre with an affinity to the movies and games business, as well as Orchestral, Epic, Trailer Music, Intro Music, Film Score, Music for Сommercials, Classic and Folk. I plays many instruments such as keyboards, drums, guitar, and mandolin. Besides I have more than 20 years of experience as a sound technician. I have experience writing music for a movie ("Murder avenue" The Jet Central Company) to be premiered 2013, and movie ("A Far fetched Fantasy Two" JAC Cinema), which was premiered in fall 2011. Music from the films available for streaming on my website in the section "music". Visit my site - there are many different genres of music: Also you can evaluate the quality of my works: For Motion Comics: For games: For commercials: For sitcom: Password: arthur For cartoon: A cover version Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin): E-mail:

Elliot Sokolov

Experienced professional composer with dozens of film and TV score credits, always looking for exciting new projects and collaborations. Please take a few minutes to check out my work and feel free to get in touch.

Aaron Kaplan

Arthur Varkvasocv as well as Elliot sokolov are excellent composers film scorers. I would recommend them.

Tom Smith

If you go to, and click on the gramophone you can hear something of what I do, if you think that style would work, let me know, I am interested in music for film.

Nicholas Patrick

Professional Music Producer / Composer / Audio Engineer / Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer... Check Out My Site

Elliot Sokolov

I'm an experienced composer with great credits, and I have lots of music available for licensing as well as composing original scores. Check out my work at Thanks.

Samuel J. Scola

Go to type in Sam Scola to hear my songs. My e mail is

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