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Kyle O'Connor

Composers Wanted: Audio Storytelling Collective

Hello composers! I have an idea that I want to run past everyone in order to (a) see if it’s feasible and (b) inquire whether people would be interested.

Long story short, I’m a sound designer who recently just got involved in a fictional audio drama. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m eager to do more. I would love to produce stuff on my own, but I’m not a screenwriter, voice actor, or composer! So I want to gather people who would be willing to collaborate, all the while giving everyone involved a really high-quality and unique product at the end to use in demo reels, portfolios, etc.

I would like to focus more on short stories of all genres; stuff that can easily be adapted to a 2-5ish minute audio piece. Maybe eventually I’d even post the finished products on YouTube as videos, in order to help gain people exposure. For those with stories, it could even be something you’ve already written, but would be curious to see adapted into something more “tangible.” This would all be low-pressure and on everyone’s own schedule. No major “deadlines” or tight production schedules. No stress in trying to get funding. All for fun, experimentation, and a different kind of chance to showcase your work!

Would anyone be interested in anything like this? I’ve posted this same thing in Lounges specific to each role too (so don’t think I’m just spamming everybody!).

Scott Fairdosi

I may be into that.

Donal Rafferty

Hi Kyle - sounds like a great idea! I’d be interested for sure.

Kyle O'Connor

Hey Scott! Let’s connect and talk more.

Thanks for the message Donal. Just replied back through email.

Kyle O'Connor

Also funny—you two both have Westworld Chase sequences on your SoundClouds!

Scott Fairdosi

I think probably 75% of composers have a version of that Westworld sequence on their reel!

Allen Lynch

Hey Kyle. Sounds great to me!

Joel Irwin

so artistically did i get this correct - are we talking about music behind an audiobook? or is it something else? you say its for fun - suggesting composers do it for free but it then suggest it could be more tangible. So what type/genres/styles of music are you looking for? Sounds still somewhat amorphous and needs imho more definition artistically. For example, is it one composer per project or is there a 'plan' to combine music from multiple composers into a single project - some composers are ok with that - others are not. I would hope someone is planning to put together a more formal agreement to pin down the artistic and business/financial end.

P.s. - guess i am one of the 25% without a westworld chase sequence :)

Keith Spears
Kyle O'Connor

Hi Joel! Thanks for reaching out about your concerns. Think more of a radio play than an audiobook, although the presentations will be pretty similar. The "tangible" note was more towards screenwriters, in that they'd actually have a media file/product that they could send along with their scripts when shopping around; thought maybe it'd give those they are marketing to a better idea of their vision if they have something they can listen to. In terms of music styles, it'd be whatever the screenwriter's project would require. As much as I'd like to say we could cover all genres, I know that some genres will probably translate more effectively into a few minute audio piece than others; but that doesn't mean we can't try. You're right that it is all still amorphous, which is why I posted it to Stage 32 in the first place. This is all just a theoretical on-going project idea that I'm wondering if people would be interested in at all. There wouldn't need to be a formal agreement; there is no financial end. It would all be on everyone's spare time, as a different means of practicing their profession. I can't speak for everyone, but I feel as a sound designer it'd be much more challenging and practical to be forced to practice on "real-world" opportunities involving real creatives, rather than sit there and try to create the greatest laser sound effect that I can. Not to say the latter's not good practice, but the former would be much more efficient in my opinion. Think of the whole thing similar to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's HitRecord website, only slightly more concise. Would it be great to turn it into something bigger with financial gain? Sure.! But it's such in an infant-state right now, and I don't expect it. Hope this clears things up for anyone else wondering. I also have a rough "process" outlined that I can share with those still interested.

Kyle O'Connor

Thanks for the interest, Keith! I'll be sure to keep you in-mind if/when the ball starts rolling here.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Don't forget you can list a job as well:

Rebecca D Robinson

Yes, I'm a screenwriter and producer currently recording a podcast serialized drama across three continents! I'd love to be part of your group.

Brian Hill

You can all use my musical as a project if you like.

Pilot Hayes

I can act. Won awards in it. Can score soundtracks too.

Karl Brunig

I'm sure you will get many offers from composers. Your idea is intriguing. I tend to be more eclectic and edgy as you will hear in this example of a 4 minute short. I replaced the minimalist solo violin score .to pull out more emotion from the images.

Socks Whitmore

I do lots of things in the podcast realm but for this project if you need voice actors or lyricists I'd love to chip in :)

Chris Cox

Listening in

Hector Murrieta

Sounds interesting. If you want to, I’ll send you samples of my compositions. Cheers!

Kerry Kennard

I’m interested- always adding new pieces fro the mix. Hope to hear from you soon.

Audra Angelique Gandy

I am interested...

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