Composing : FYI - QuickTime Is No Longer Supported for Windows !!! by Dana Solomon

Dana Solomon

FYI - QuickTime Is No Longer Supported for Windows !!!

Apple has officially stopped supporting QuickTime for Windows, and said that it poses a major security risk for the Windows OS. This of course doesn't affect any Apple hardware users. But for you film composers using a Windows DAW like myself, this is a HUGE PROBLEM. Because QuickTime is the defacto video player for importing and playback in every Win DAW on the market. In other words, if you starting scoring to picture with your Windows DAW while connected online right now, you put your entire computer at risk for vulnerability. I'm currently running Cubase 7, and Steinberg has been addressing this ahead of time. But as of yet, there is not an update or work around that I've heard. Thought I'd mentioned this for those that weren't told. - Dana

Dana Solomon

What I'm not certain about, is if it's possible to use another Windows video player/codec, like VLC with your DAW to replace QuickTime.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

My understanding is Apple will no longer be providing security updates for QuickTime for Windows. They are not abandoning it completely. Have you heard anything further?

Dana Solomon

Well, I use Cubase 7, and the following is a direct link to Steinberg's page addressing QuickTime for Windows: "" In other words, if a Windows OS happens to be compromised while running QuickTime for Win, Steinberg won't be held responsible for something like a virus infecting your PC, and whatever worst scenario you can imagine. The crazy part about this, is that ALL of the music software manufacturers were given a heads up from Apple almost a year ago about them abandoning support for Windows. While they were all trying to come up with the latest version, or latest plugin for their DAW to show off at NAMM, they could've had their coders working on a new video engine not relying on QT. I just don't get it. They know there are people that need and use that functionality professionally. There's no excuse for their nonchalant response.

Dana Solomon

If I start working on a film project in a few days, who knows what will happen to my DAW once I import the .mov scenes for writing a cue. The only thing that may be a work around, is if you make certain that you are not connected online while using QT. That's the only possibility I can think of protecting us Windows users. Almost makes me want to save up some money and buy a Mac just for this nonsense.

Joel Irwin

I am not impacted. I score on Win 7/64 with Sibelius on a single monitor. I take whatever the director/video editor gives me and convert it to 1/2 VGA of 320x240 with an MPG extension. The film plays in the upper right hand corner while I score.

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