Producing : How do I earn from posting online short films by Ssekamatte Phillip

Ssekamatte Phillip

How do I earn from posting online short films

I want to start producing online short films but how do I get money out of them. thxs

Dan MaxXx

There is no money in short films. They are done to showcase your talent at festivals for future employment with professionals and paying jobs. If you are planning to build a youtube channel, then u gonna need lots of videos (content) to build an audience and get $$$ for viewerships

Larry DeGala

If you are talking about YouTube videos, I believe there are different tiers. You have to have one million views for your video to monetize considerable revenue. You may also need 100,000+ subscribers. YouTube monetization can be a hit or miss. Just check out their FAQ for the details. I don't monetize anyway. My channels have a different purpose other than running Bazooka Bubble Gum ads. Good luck on your million and one views!

Ssekamatte Phillip

thanks guys for de advice

Samantha Mauney Aiken

Read "Filmmaking Stuff: How to make, market and sell your movie without the middle-man" for ony 99 cents on Kindle-- It's good stuff

James Day

Do a contained independent film and get it to a festival.

John O'Hara

Create 40-50 2-3 minute films suitable for use in conjunction with sermons and license them for public performance.

JD Hartman

Don't make short films, find brands that are soliciting for spec. commercials with cash prizes.

Ben Sledge

Doesn't it seem like the short film market is underplayed currently? You'd think with shrinking attention spans and the growth of online video content services such as Netflix and Amazon, that a thriving market for short films could be made if the audience was grow and enducated on the benefits. Especially with the prevalence of mobile devices where a lot of content is now consumed "on-the-go". The general public only sees short films right now when they go to see a Pixar movie. And people love those shorts that play before the feature. Why is nobody doing this with live action films?

Abigail Bruley

How do you find these brands that are soliciting for spec commercials ?

JD Hartman

You'd have to do your own "due diligence", check filmaking magazines, etc. The other option is actually producing a commercial on spec. for a specific brand and product and submitting it to their advertising department.. I've worked on a few spec commercials, but not being a Producer or Director didn't know or care about the origin of the request.

Ssekamatte Phillip

thanks guys for the advice's

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