Composing : Making a composition in the kitchen! by Jasmine Charleston

Jasmine Charleston

Making a composition in the kitchen!

Hey you guys, check out this cool composition I made using kitchen supplies!!

Helmar Leipold

Yeaahhh - sounds so great!!! But what about your microwave oven? That was my inspiration - maybe you wanna have a look - here ;-)

Jasmine Charleston

Mathis Pink thank you! I appreciate it! Helmar I believe i replied to you on youtube. Thanks for the comment!

Shanika Freeman

Wow. That was very creative! :) Keep it up!

Stephanie Gilbert

Very creative work! I love it!

Jasmine Charleston

Thank you guys!

James David Sullivan

And the sequel is "Food Mad in (the) Kitchen"

Amanda Toney

Awesome video!

Jasmine Charleston

@shannon Thank you :)

David Ingrassano

Wow. That was great.

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