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Rob Mossotti

Plug ins

Anyone know any good sources for free plug ins? Or anyone know of any good deals for plug ins. I'm specifically looking for some unique synth sounds. I have some but looking to expand my plugin collection.

Tim Price

You might like to try - it includes a plugin database that lets you search for plugins based on type (reverb, synth, eq, etc.), format (VST, AU....) and whether it's free or paid (along with a whole load of other criteria). It's a great way to find out what's "out there", and there are some great freeware plugins listed. I've just had a quick check, and if you're looking for synths, you might like to look at Camel Audio's Alchemy Player - it's free, and apparently some of Hans Zimmer's team used it to do some resynthesis work for Inception! Hope that helps!

Rob Mossotti

o wow no kidding

Feridun Emre Dursun

if you mean soft synths please check It is a very effective and professional sounding synth which producers such as Armin Van Buuren, Axvell, (Britney Spears's producer) etc. uses. it is a cheap, wide range product. you can check the from the review of the synth from the following link: Some of the Klanghelm plug-ins are free. Check out below.

Rob Mossotti

Thank you very much Tim

Rob Mossotti

Wow again can't thank you enough Tim. That was exactly what I was looking for and its free! Awesome

Rob Mossotti

Thank you too Feridun. Very much appreciated

Tracy Kash

Wow- good to know. Thanks for sharing, all!

Tim Price

Glad it helped, Rob!

Calvin Cmun Munorwei

try to download from

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