Composing : Video Game Soundtracks by Karen "Kay" Ross

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Video Game Soundtracks

OMG, y'all! Okay, I'm not sure I'm of the "video games are the future of digital storytelling" camp, but I think I am fully in the "video games are the future of MUSIC COMPOSING" camp! What video game soundtrack are you obsessed with? How has the format allowed for a greater depth of composition?

Share yours below and I'll share mine with you!

Bas Vossen

I ike the music of Blade Runner and Road Rash (kind of Soundgarden) but also Doom II

Socks Whitmore

Hollow Knight has an incredible score! The various areas of the map have different themes but recurring motifs and strategic orchestrations make it so cohesive and all-around gorgeous

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