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Filmmaking / Directing : What the Wardrobe Dept is Like: by Giselle Marie

Giselle Marie

What the Wardrobe Dept is Like:

My friend got into Costume Designing and I asked her to write about what it's like being in the Wardrobe Department. She wrote an AMAZING article that is very enlightening. Hope you enjoy reading! By J.D. Koumendakis "Ah, the wardrobe department. Not a department many people know too much about… even people who have been working in this industry for quite a while. I can’t entirely put my finger on it, and wonder if it’s simply thought of as an unimportant part of moviemaking, “pft! Clothes! How hard can it be to dress people?” It amazes me how often this department gets pushed aside or is a complete afterthought, when in reality it’s one of the most important departments on a production. Now, don’t get me wrong, every department is equally important and imperative to making a film — but, the wardrobe department is one of the few departments responsible for visually creating and bringing the character(s) to life, from script to screen. Don’t think so?" Please continue reading here: http://tipsforactors.com/wardrobe-department-part-1/

Lorena Mcneill

Great! Thank you, for your encouragement.

CJ Walley

Cool article :)

Pamela McCarthy

Thanks for the insightful article.

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