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Camera Gear

I love love steadicam but preferably a glidecam I need good system that can hook up to the glide cam and the dslr. Amy suggestions ?

Film & TV Pro yay or nay?

Hi All,

I've been using Film & TV Pro USA for some time now and they are now charging to view job ads on their site. It rounds out to be $120/year. I'm not sure if it is worth it but I also don't know where else to look for jobs. Do you have experience using this site? Is it worth the cost?

Joseph L. Stewart

Has anyone ever used "Casting 360"? If so, could I get some rating feedback, and any other info? Thanks. :)

Robert Franklin

Always best to test the waters and find the right deal for you!

Elisabeth Meier

I tried StagePool. Not worth the money.

Carl Welden

Film & TV Pro is now switched back to the Mandy banner apparently. I've never gotten work through either, but I have gotten a gig through Stage32

G.S. Ford

Stage32 is a great free option. Mandy.com is great, but they charge now as well. other options include linkedin and general social media across several platforms linking back to your website. Craigsli...

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Any tips on the best places to search out set dressing work?

Hi All,  I just returned to the U.S. after a stint working and studying in the U.K. I made some great professional connections abroad but I'm struggling back home.  Any tips on the best places to look for set dressing work?  I have professional experience and I'm willing to go anywhere!  Any and all advice would be great.  Thanks!

Wendy Guerrera

Hi , nice to meet you. I would hit Atlanta they have been super busy for years now, New Orleans is picking up but its been slow. We get a lot of T.V. and four shows are already crewed up. so hope that...

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Kate M. Kelly

I'd suggest you join one of the Art Cube groups. They have a lot of Set Dressing and Prop job listings. It's also a great resource to find rentals etc.

Kitty Campbell

Thank you! I will take a look.

Gear for VTP/video assist

What type of gear do you usually include in a VTP package? I know a lot of full time crew have their own portable set up. I'm transferring from doing video assist for live events, which often includes multi-cam switching or adjusting ISO and shading live, to a film/commercial set up with just a sing...

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Anthony Caputo

My kit has a full size tripod, a mono pod, 33000 to 56000 k led video light a portable 3 wheel dolly for my tripod 1 boom mic 1 stick mic

How does one actually get work experience as a film & TV wardrobe crew member?

Hello. Im not actually looking for work, I was just looking for some tips and pointers as to how to get the ball rolling. I have professional live theater experience, but I was disheartened to find that with the experience that i have, it won't translate into helping me get both more work and experi...

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How long does it take to build these amazing sets?

I realize there are huge variables here -- budget, time frame, scope of work, et cetera. And, of course, there is the concept/design phase and the creation/fabrication phase. But still? I look at these incredible sets and watch "behind the scenes" but I never quite understand the time involved. Can someone elaborate? Thanks!

Quinn Katherine Stone

It really depends on the set. We typically have a few weeks working with the director and cinematographer on design and functionality. Most of the time we do most of the work in our shop for a week or...

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Deborah Hancock

A great deal depends on how motivated and hard-working your crew is. Did you see Kick-Ass? Many of the interior scenes, IIRC, were created in sets that were built in something like two weeks. It looked great on film.

Robert Franklin

I would love to watch a set being built!

Roxanne Paukner

If you're fortunate enough to get authentic locations, as we are for this current project, little to no "building" is required, only dressing. We are using several museums, which is super-sweet as thi...

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Royce Allen Dudley

Design+ Budget = Schedule is one way to consider it. Sets can go up in a day or two from prefab kits including custom paint colors, trim, and dressing, or take months to stand, finish, paint and detail ...

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Marc Lee
Craziest Job

what is the craziest job or most unusual job you have had to perform on a set?

Gina Roland

Years ago on a horror film I did SFX for, I had to make it look like a guy was gouging his own brains out. I had to (and it only lasted about three takes) wrangle real pig brains. Good times. XD

Robert Franklin

None as yet. But loved reading you guys.

Royce Allen Dudley

I was body double for a beautiful young Iranian actress. The gag was that her character is getting her back waxed. I stepped out of my role as cinematographer and offered up my back as the insert-shot stunt double. One take. DAMN it hurt.

Roxanne Paukner

Rainy day, our football players didn't show because of the forecast(!). So I went to the YMCA and even nearby high school graduation parties to recruit extras for a locker room scene. We did manage to...

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Jose Mas Perez

While working on a reality TV makeover show our production vehicles got broken into and the casts purses were stolen from the vehicles while we were filming the big reveal, I was tasked with taking $1...

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Would You Rather--an informal poll

Would you rather deal with shoddy underperforming equipment or piss-poor attitudes? What can turn an OK day into a "is it Wine-thirty" faster?

Robert Franklin

Should not have to deal with either, I think!

D Marcus

Robert, you are missing the fun of a "would-you-rather" question.

Royce Allen Dudley

Good attitudes and energy work around limitations and obstacles. Film making is not about gear, but the collaboration between those behind and in front of the lens. Self answering question.

That said, shoddy kit makes me grumpy.

Ken Hall

I never use anything but the best gear. If you look at it. You got one chance to expose this footage correctly and on schedule with decent sound. If it’s cheap gear it adds time. Adds headaches in post production and so on.

James Drago

Do you rent Ken Hall ?

Weird things found on location.

What are some of the weirdest things you have seen on set, not placed by production. I once found several prosthetic legs hanging in the rafters of a bar.

James Drago

Fake teeth behind a bar in a jar.

Does anyone have a good story from their first time on set?

I'm interested to hear about your first day. Mistakes you made, moments you got starstruck...

Tom Coleman

I had prepared my whole life for being on set. I was perfect. Quiet. Seemless. Never in a rush. They started calling me "Mr. Wizard" because I kept pulling useful things out of my bag. A good example...

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Dov S-S Simens

It was a No-Budget Feature, that I line-Produced at a Hotel at LAX with no-permits and the captain of the Fire Department had lunch there everyday and asked and asked "Where's da permit"... Eventually, I palmed him 50 bucks and he went back to desert... Happy Filmmaking.

Tyler Patti Stanley

I wrote the script but ended up gaffer and anything else on set. I'm great with cords and duct tape. I also pitched in on lighting. On one set I ran off two bulls pushing in on the wrong cue. You need...

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Edward David Ladner

Years ago was extra no "Miracle on Ice," for one day shot at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. At one point a group of us were walking up a road on their campus. I was in middle of...

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Jaap Ruurd Feitsma

As an eager future filmmaker and at the age of around fifteen, I shouted 'That's a wrap!' after the first shot had been made. Everyone laughed (in a good way, luckily). Oh well... Lesson learned... ;)

Makeup Artists – Always the last to know…?

As a freelancer, I’m often browsing the forums looking for work on various films. More often then not, I see things similar to “Makeup artist wanted for 5 day shoot starting tomorrow at 9am.” No info on what they want, where it is, what the genre is, nothing. And yet they expect us to drop everythi ...

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Royce Allen Dudley

A lot of those positions go unfilled beyond call time. It's amateur hour across the mass of much production today. If the producers care or are forced, they pony up the money. And a pro doesn't really...

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Martina Cook

As an aspiring director this discussion is very interesting. On the shorts I made I was in charge of all and although it was hard work, I have always been of the opinion that anyone involved on filmin...

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Heather Grogan

Amateur hour's a good word for it, Royce. I'm surprised DP's aren't always shown at least the script or a storyboard beforehand, or at least on the day. (sorry for naming DP's, was just an example, tu...

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Martina Cook

Good luck for your next project! :)

D Marcus

You have discovered that people with little to no experience make movies. I have experienced this last minute crap my entire career. I don't see it as disrespectful; I see it as inexperience.

Advice for on the set.
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12 Essential Set Etiquette Tips
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JD Hartman

Do you agree or disagree with what is posted in the above links? What's been your experience on set? What faux pas have you observed other doing?

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