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LED lighting help?

I'm making a short film in June, and need some advice regarding bi-color LED lights. We are going to use Sharegrid, but I'm not sure what lights to get, how many, etc. We will be doing mostly indoor scenes, but we do have 1 night shoot. There are only 2 cast members, as well. Thanks everyone!

Presidential Sweets

location? ora.entertainment@yahoo.com we are in the northern California area!

Erik A. Jacobson

Make sure you have a well-qualified DP, someone who can shoot day-for-night if necessary.

Royce Allen Dudley

Respectfully, you need to make lighting choices with your DP's input. She or he will have the knowledge of script, approach and style to come up with tool choices that work for your budget. No blind a...

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David Goodman

There are a few "go to" LED that i use a lot recently. Arri Sky Panel (full rgb), Kino Flo Select 30 (RGB), Lightmat 2L (bi-color) and Quasar tubes(bi-color). There are also several larger units from...

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Calling all up and coming artists

I’m a up and coming screenwriter hoping to connect with fellow creatives (actors, directors, cinematographers etc.) to create content for self promotion, reels, and simply THE SAKE OF CREATING. My goal is to form a group and create shorts every other week (dependent upon schedules) so we can practic...

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Talent needed

Good afternoon, Stage 32ers!!! I’m developing a script right now to be filmed the weekend of October 6th-9th. It’s a one location shoot with three actors and two actresses. It’s an independent film. I’m located in the Atlanta area. I would like to help any of you with the projects you are working on...

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Responding to Facebook Crew Calls

When I see crew calls on Facebook, I often see that people comment on the post saying that they messaged or emailed the person who wrote the post. Is that a good idea? Or is sending the email or message that the person requests enough?

Robert F. Hockaday

I can't say it is the right or the wrong answer - but having written a few calls myself I find that reading comprehension goes a long way - if the post says to email a particular contact I would think...

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Jessica Nardulli

From what I've seen, people comment to make sure the OP is aware of a message/email coming their way. Facebook is better about it now, but in the past messages from those who aren't your friend would...

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I'm looking for some advice concerning stunts. Does anyone know where I can find stunt coordinators/stunt actors? If certain stunts are written in the scripts would I still need a stunt choreographer? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Allen Gandler

Most reputable stunt coordinators and stuntmen are SAG-AFTRA members. That should be your source. Are you using SAG actors? Do you have minors performing activity that you think might be interpreted a...

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Royce Allen Dudley

If the film is SAG, so is the stunt coordinator. Anything at all requires one... even a swing punch and a miss, a trip over a rug and fall, and actually, muh of the time vehicles driven must be operat...

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Alejandro Reyes

I know two people and they're a power couple. Rachel Harrison and Tim Martin. I don't know if they're on Stage 32 but I can get you contact with them.

Alejandro Reyes

I know two people and they're a power couple. Rachel Harrison https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6647880/?ref_=nv_sr_3 and Tim Martin https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3699458/?ref_=nv_sr_5. I can put you in conta...

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How do you find opportunities for work?

Hello Stage32'ers! Particularly those of you who are non-union Assistant Directors ( if anyone else wants to chime in, please do). I have a serious inquiry, and I would love your feedback. How do you secure your gigs? What do you do when there is major downtime and you aren't seeing any opportunities ...

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M L.

Hi Lina, I've you've worked in NY as a 1st A.D. you probably already know some set techs who are in IATSE and who work on bigger shows. They could potentially connect you to some key P.A.'s or UPMS or...

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Lina Lansky

Thanks so much Mike. All sound points. I didn't think Keys or UPMS could get me in the door as a 2nd 2nd since I am not union, but that is definitely something to consider. :)

Isaiah Andrés Galarza

Hey Lina, non-union 1st AD out here in Lala Land... Mandy.com sucks. I use craigslist for most of my jobs. But, like investor-needing and actor friends, I join every network for Producers, actors, scr...

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Royce Allen Dudley

You may want to be proactively networking with other ADs 1st and 2nd... and UPMs... as well as past DPs and Art Directors and any other keys that you have worked with in the past who like you. Sometim...

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Hey folks! How's everyone? I'm looking for some new layout designs for call sheets and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas? Of course you know, Movie Magic does not generate a callsheet and so I've created mine on Excel. But the layout is so drab and boring and I want to spruce it up a little. Ple...

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Anybody on here from Yorkshire UK?

Hi guys! I’m a professional record producer/musician and live sound engineer for festivals. Recently I have been wanting to transition into doing sound for film/tv. I have own location recording set up and just curious to see if there’s any other freelancers/production companies out there from the U...

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GLENN ROLAND Director/Director of Photography/Cinematographer/Filmmaker GLENN ROLAND FILMS

Looking for motion picture projects that need to hire a Director &/or Director of Photography.

Costume Designer

I am looking to network with other Costume Designers, and people looking for Costume Designers.....

Chris Le Roy

Casey I have a couple of girls in Australia that do SFX character development if you ever want to work with them... this is an example of some of their work.


That would be awesome. I have a friend who is a Designer and a Sample Maker in Australia. How exactly would I "work" with your friends?

Women in Media Crew List resource

I highly recommend the Women In Media crew list for hiring women below the line in all of your productions. Ladies, you all are invited to become members of Women In Media and request access to add your production contact information to the crew list here: https://www.womennmedia.com/ #hirethesewomen ...

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Home - Women In Media
Women In Media (501(c)(3) charity) encourages gender balance in film & entertainment industries by providing networking, professional development & advocacy.
Kelly Krause

Just joined... Thanks for sharing! : )

Thomas Shaner

Thanks for sharing.

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