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Film & TV Pro yay or nay?

Hi All,

I've been using Film & TV Pro USA for some time now and they are now charging to view job ads on their site. It rounds out to be $120/year. I'm not sure if it is worth it but I also don't know where else to look for jobs. Do you have experience using this site? Is it worth the cost?

Kentrell Stoakley

Mandy use to be free until that new company join them almost what 2 years and just destroyed the company for what it stood for. An just started changing the layout and started charging for everything. An I was real mandy fan since 2006. But no longer.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

In 20+ years in the industry I NEVER got a legit job off Mandy/Film & TV Pro, and I do NOT pay to apply to work on any site, anywhere. Since they went paid, they are aggressive in sending more-or-less fake job emails to entice me back. Screw them.

Michael LaVoie

Film & TV Pro is a scam. It's illegal for a staffing company to charge applicants to apply for jobs. FTVPro gets away with it under some loophole that excludes websites from adhering to that under the...

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Eva Radke Pitalo

ArtCube.nyc is $5/month for NYC and free everywhere else.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

To all: We do have a jobs posting here at Stage 32 and it's FREE. Just a suggestion so why not keep it 'ALL IN THE FAMILY(Forgive the pun) Sorry Archie. Stifle Edith. (LOL)?

Employment in Georgia

I posted this in Anything Goes, so now I'm posting it here: I'm trying to find a way to get work and move to Georgia to be part of the film/television industry there. I'm looking up all kinds of websites related to that. If you look at my bio, you'll see that I am unemployed on severance. I'd apprec...

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Eva Radke Pitalo

You can join ArtCube Savannah and Atlanta for free. They post jobs in real-time.

How to get started as a PA

Just starting out in the industry and I am looking for advice on how to get office PA, Producer PA or Writer's Assistant jobs. I know you start off in the office and move up to the other two after gaining enough experience. But how did you get your start?

Patrick Freeman

I answered a post on Craigslist. Called the guy, went down the next day and started working that day.

Blake Barnett

Should also add your info to as many crew directories/resources as you can find such as geargator.net, productionhub.com, media-match.com, etc.

Dan MaxXx

first thing you gotta do is move to a city where there is steady employment. As for experience, volunteer on a student film or Internship

Eva Radke Pitalo

Join ArtCube in the city where you work. Real-time job offerings. They post long term and last minute gigs.

Costume Designing

Hello Everyone,I am a fashion designer/seamstress based in Atlanta,Ga and I am looking to get more into wardrobe and costume designing for film, and TV projects. Does anyone have any advice on where to start? Anyone looking to bring on any newbies with your projects? I look forward to hearing from you all soon !

James Drago

Intern for someone established already. Do the grunt work in exchange for the experience, education and contacts.

Dan MaxXx

supposedly there are lots of productions in ATL. Just hang out on a location set, talk to Crew person and hustle your way for a referral or job.

Eva Radke Pitalo

Join the Atlanta arm of ArtCube.nyc

Adrena Martin-Tolbert

Thank you. I will definitely check that out today !

Realistic Bald Cap Spfx Makeup Appliance

I need a female character with long hair to be bald for a rather long scene. I can't have her shave her head. I've seen demonstrations/tutorials on YouTube of pretty good bald cap applications, but none of them look truly realistic. Can this makeup effect be pulled off? I don't want to compromise lighting or camera angles. Thanks!

Sara Hunter

Hi Danny! Bald caps can be very difficult but when done correctly it is very do-able. The most important part is the paint job and making sure it's done in layers. A good makeup artist knows about col ...

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Need Rates for Location Film / Camera Crew Package (DP and all supporting crew)

Preparing a budget for an indie feature film to be shot in east California / west Nevada. Approximately a three week shoot- day and night scenes. Please reach out for details. Thank you!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Legrand. If posting for crew needs, this would be better placed on the Jobs board: https://www.stage32.com/find-jobs. That's where members post various "want ads" or searches for creative partners,...

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Legrand McMullen

Thank you Beth. I shall move it there. My apologies.

Who to contact - for on set crew (ing)

Hi dear All! I would like to get in touch with someone (company, on set crew organization/organizators, association, chamber etc...) who can give some info how can I register there - even in some EU association if such a thing exists, as a freelance MUA and SFX artist to participate on sets, as crew...

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Daily rates for all on set crew

Hey. Just wondering what the average daily rate is for any and all on set crew. First time working on a budget. Just need some average numbers or a website that has them. Personal message me if that is more comfortable for you.

Jo Henriquez

That depends entirely on the budget level. I've heard of people paying minimum wage across the board on micro budgets, while on the other end of the spectrum, an IATSE film in the $10M range has peopl...

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Need or Lost a Passport? Great company to use - Passport to the World (https://www.yelp.com/biz/passport-to-the-world-northridge)

Hi Crew, I figured that you do the most traveling from set to set and country to country where you may find yourself needing a passport renewed, or even may have lost one while on-set. Well - I can recommended a great company that can assist you - Passport to the World. They're a family owned business ...

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Thinking about buying a Shotgun Mic Bundle any suggestions?

Hey guys I'm thinking about buying all the necessary audio equipment for film & tv recording as I am getting a lot more set work recently. I want to get a Shotgun mic, boom pole & blimp and possibly 'dead cat's for the blimp. anyone know a good bundle price or should I buy them separately? thanks

Help with choosing equipment

Disclaimer: I really hope I'm posting this in the right place! So sorry if I'm not! :( I'm working for a very successful sales speaker as his dedicated 1-woman camera crew. My first gig is coming up on the 27th and he told me to put together up a list of equipment and get it back to him asap. I thin...

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David Trotti

I'd suggest something like a Shure SLX14/93 for the Wireless Lavalier set up. It runs around $599. You could probably also use a BLX model. It's less expensive and still reliable. For a good Prosumer...

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Sara Clevenger

Thank you so much David Trotti! That is tremendously helpful!

Set Wish List

Getting ready for a 2 day sizzle reel shoot in Arizona and curious what are the crew top wish list on set to help make their job enjoyable and doable in a long day? How do I help you to get the best performance from you? Thanks in advance for any insight you havje!

Sian Katie Leigh

Coffee van!

Philip Sedgwick

If exterior, ensure a place to rest, mingle in the shade. Going to be 80°+ this week!

Cherelynn Baker

Great suggestions! Thank you. I agree on the food has got to be great! Oy ...Arizona is getting hot already!

Vanar Jaddou

Embrace the moment and shoot for greatness, think about your legacy. Would want my coach (director) to put me in that zone.

Justin Miller

As someone who has worked as "crew" since the age of 14, confidence and clarity. When I understand the Director has a clear vision and I know, big picture, what I can do to assist, I work much better....

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