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Tascam DR-40 Troubles

I got a Tascam DR-40 for Christmas and I'm trying to test the internal mic. However, everytime I press record it records for four seconds and then pauses on its own. How do I fix this?

Royce Allen Dudley

Wild guess without knowing the specific machine- you need a better, higher speed card, or it is in some sort of Voice Activated standby mode. Beyond that, no clue.

First time Key Gripping!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3xY4juOTgg&lc=z23cy1zz2we5gnptyacdp430f... BTS of an amazing 2-day shoot for Christopher Lee's newest project, "Am I Crazy?" Amazing crew and learning experience!

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Erik A. Jacobson

Guerilla filmmaking 101: #1- large crew/lots of equipment = large footprint = expect to get kicked off locations. #2 - tiny crew/small, handheld cameras = small footprint = shoot anywhere you want.

Women in Media Crew List resource

I highly recommend the Women In Media crew list for hiring women below the line in all of your productions. Ladies, you all are invited to become members of Women In Media and request access to add your production contact information to the crew list here: https://www.womennmedia.com/ #hirethesewomen ...

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Kelly Krause

Just joined... Thanks for sharing! : )

Responding to Facebook Crew Calls

When I see crew calls on Facebook, I often see that people comment on the post saying that they messaged or emailed the person who wrote the post. Is that a good idea? Or is sending the email or message that the person requests enough?

best place to obtain 1st/2nd AD & PA gigs

I am an experienced !st /2nd Ad, And PA looking for the most successful places to get gigs. Mandy has not worked, facebook is oversaturated with billions of the same issue, searching for gigs. I have several references and letters of recommendations. curious where the most successful place to start would be.

David Trotti

So much of this business is just knowing people and timing. Beyond that it's research and reaching out. The resource I find most useful when the phone stops ringing is Production Weekly. They compile...

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Dan MaxXx

Join the DGA 1AD training program. I think it is a 2 year commitment and 0 guarantee of work.

David Trotti

I'm glad you mentioned that program, Dan. By coincidence, I'm a graduate of the DGA-Producers Training program. It does indeed take about two years to go through. 400 working days to be exact. You are...

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Denice Riddle

Fantastic advice, thank you David and Dan. I will sign up and keep you posted on my progress and success.

How do you find opportunities for work?

Hello Stage32'ers! Particularly those of you who are non-union Assistant Directors ( if anyone else wants to chime in, please do). I have a serious inquiry, and I would love your feedback. How do you secure your gigs? What do you do when there is major downtime and you aren't seeing any opportunities ...

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Michael LaVoie

Hi Lina, I've you've worked in NY as a 1st A.D. you probably already know some set techs who are in IATSE and who work on bigger shows. They could potentially connect you to some key P.A.'s or UPMS or...

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Lina Lansky

Thanks so much Mike. All sound points. I didn't think Keys or UPMS could get me in the door as a 2nd 2nd since I am not union, but that is definitely something to consider. :)

Camera Gear

I love love steadicam but preferably a glidecam I need good system that can hook up to the glide cam and the dslr. Amy suggestions ?

Ken Koh

Zacuto's gear are excellent and they come with lifetime warranty. Been using them for years and anything wears out I sent it back and get a new replacement. Well machined, lightweight and modular. Any...

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Custom Prop for a Short Film?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am working on pre-production for a low-budget short film and we ideally want to get a custom prop gun made.  Wondering if anyone has advice/experience on how to go about this.   I realize it would be easier just to find a pre-made prop but co...

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JD Hartman

Orange County, Cali must have a crap-ton of prop shops in the surrounding areas. A live-action role play group might be a cheaper option for someone to craft and paint a weapon of your description. Pr...

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Timothy Burnham

Oh wow, thank you so much guys. I actually solved the problem in that strange, accidental way that is part of what makes storytelling so great. I wanted to get a gun made and was talking with a few di...

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Ian James Duncan

can you share a link to the site?

Timothy Burnham

Sure, (http://www.historicreplicaguns.com/) all I mean though is that I found a design I was happy with. Still not sure what the process would be for getting the prop crafted. Just to actually hopeful...

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Caldwell Butler

Hi Timothy, I work in custom prop weapons and would love to help you out. Gimme a call if you'd like to chat.

Filming on a budget

Been sitting on my upgrade for awhile waiting on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ to come out. It has 4k cenimatic capabilities which is now industry standard. Can't wait! https://beastgrip.com/blogs/news/the-samsung-galaxy-s8-camera-performanc......

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The Samsung Galaxy S8+ Camera Performance with Beastgrip Gear
The Samsung Galaxy S8+ Camera Performance with Beastgrip Gear
With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S8+, all of you in the #BeastgripNation have been incredibly excited to see some sample footage and get our thoughts on its performance. TL;DR: the Galaxy…
Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Nope. I'm using the iOgrapher case, and picked up a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens and anamorphic lens; then added a Rode mic (perfect for up to 8ft). This is my go to rig for grabbing something qu...

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Rome Mubarak

Pretty cool stuff you got going on there. I'm pretty pumped about getting this new toy. Will definitely be using the filmic and the hitfilm for editing. Does it allow you to add music to it as well?

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Yes! I'll be doing some test shoots in the coming day with my iPhone and Filmic Pro as I'm still getting the hang of it.

Debbie Croysdale

Guess what guys? London Film School recently had a days seminar on how to make a film with the latest mobiles. Emotion is not dependant on expensive cameras!

Keith Arrington

Just wanted to say hello to you Debbie, have a good night.

Any tips on the best places to search out set dressing work?

Hi All,  I just returned to the U.S. after a stint working and studying in the U.K. I made some great professional connections abroad but I'm struggling back home.  Any tips on the best places to look for set dressing work?  I have professional experience and I'm willing to go anywhere!  Any and all advice would be great.  Thanks!

Wendy Guerrera

Hi , nice to meet you. I would hit Atlanta they have been super busy for years now, New Orleans is picking up but its been slow. We get a lot of T.V. and four shows are already crewed up. so hope that...

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Kate M. Kelly

I'd suggest you join one of the Art Cube groups. They have a lot of Set Dressing and Prop job listings. It's also a great resource to find rentals etc.

Kitty Campbell

Thank you! I will take a look.

Doug Nelson

Wherever there's a lot of filmmaking activity - the advertising industry is in constant need.

Would You Rather--an informal poll

Would you rather deal with shoddy underperforming equipment or piss-poor attitudes? What can turn an OK day into a "is it Wine-thirty" faster?

D Marcus

Robert, you are missing the fun of a "would-you-rather" question.

Royce Allen Dudley

Good attitudes and energy work around limitations and obstacles. Film making is not about gear, but the collaboration between those behind and in front of the lens. Self answering question.

That said, shoddy kit makes me grumpy.

Ken Hall

I never use anything but the best gear. If you look at it. You got one chance to expose this footage correctly and on schedule with decent sound. If it’s cheap gear it adds time. Adds headaches in post production and so on.

James Drago

Do you rent Ken Hall ?

Doug Nelson

Best people and best gear or nothing.

Film & TV Pro yay or nay?

Hi All,

I've been using Film & TV Pro USA for some time now and they are now charging to view job ads on their site. It rounds out to be $120/year. I'm not sure if it is worth it but I also don't know where else to look for jobs. Do you have experience using this site? Is it worth the cost?

Joseph L. Stewart

Has anyone ever used "Casting 360"? If so, could I get some rating feedback, and any other info? Thanks. :)

Robert Franklin

Always best to test the waters and find the right deal for you!

Elisabeth Meier

I tried StagePool. Not worth the money.

Carl Welden

Film & TV Pro is now switched back to the Mandy banner apparently. I've never gotten work through either, but I have gotten a gig through Stage32

G.S. Ford

Stage32 is a great free option. Mandy.com is great, but they charge now as well. other options include linkedin and general social media across several platforms linking back to your website. Craigsli...

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