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Tyler Mayleas

Lighting Tips

I need to get some good tips on what kinds of lights to use for interviewing a person on a white sheet background. Preferably cheap ones, and ones that I could use to make other projects. Thank you, lovely people of Stage 32.

Sadie Dean

Kino's are always a great go to, some 2x2's or 4x4s, and their Diva kits. Fairly cheap when it comes to renting out. And if you're looking to buy, you can find used ones at reasonable prices. Best of luck!

Simon © Simon

Interviews make me think of Barn doors on the lights...Plenty of lights out there, especially with LED's now...IF you got money, no problem, if you do not, check out Frugal Film maker on Youtube and Google away to make 'knock off stuff". However, people are strange in the way of "name brand, or pro looking gear". So make it look as pro as you can..if you do go with the DIY. As Sadie mentioned rent em, or better yet hire a grip for about what you rent the stuff for the day and get help and they show up on set (In other words delivered and picked up)

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