Anything Goes : Captain Phillips by Tracy Parris

Tracy Parris

Captain Phillips

I really didn't think Captain Phillips was worthy of a best picture Oscar nomination. The film didn't focus on the main character on a personal get 5 minutes of the side of his wife's head and a drive to the ship. The actual pirate siting came so quick I had no time to sympathize with the main character.. Thoughts?

Trev Lewis

I haven't seen the film, but I have heard some similar feedback. One online reviewer that I watch commented that it was a bit obvious and stereotypical

Analiese Anderson

Ok, here's the other side. I didn't think I wanted to see it and ended up going to please others at the knock off theater and ended up being a fan, kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It wasn't really about him personally, so it didn't bother me there was no real details about his everyday life The way I saw it, it was more about what actually happens when this kind of thing goes on and also to give you a perspective of what the pirates lives are like. I think they wanted you to see that some of them have little choice in there rather sad lives (not an excuse, mind you, but a point of view from their side). I thought Tom Hanks did a good job, the end made me cry, with sadness when Capt Phillips thought this was it for him and then seeing the scenes from the actual rescue drove it home to me that this was an actual event. Anyway That's my point of view. lol

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