Anything Goes : Draft Day Review by Brett Joseph Kogan

Brett Joseph Kogan

Draft Day Review

Draft Day stars Kevin Coster As Sonny Weaver Jr. general manager of the Cleveland Browns and the story follows Kevin Coster character 12 hours before the NFL draft. First off the movie pacing is outstanding never was I bored or thought a scene was dragging on too long. I love movies that follow the ups and downs of working in the sports business. I definitely would say this is the football version of moneyball. The casting director did a great job of getting a cast together which stars Kevin Costner,Jennifer Garner, Frank Langella,Denis Leary and some suprising NFL player cameos. Overall I had a fun time at the theater with this film and it's one I would watch again 8.5/10

James David Sullivan

I agree! I believe this is the best KC movie since "Field of Dreams"! And one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! There's a couple of things I noticed. There are new characters coming in for brief but important parts almost all the way up to the end of the movie. Most readers, producers, etc., will tell you not to do this. HUMBUG! This is a great movie and shows that that "rule" is ridiculous! And most producers, readers, etc., will tell you to limit the number of characters so that a writer "doesn't confuse the audience". Note how many small but important roles there are in this movie. Once again the "rules" have been broken. So, please, producers, readers, etc., get out of the way and let the creative people do what they do best: create! You'll get your money back and plenty more! Last year the lesson was: formulas break down. That's the real reason for so many box office failures. The audience can tell when the same old story is just wearing new clothes. Show some guts! Put up the money for movies that really matter, and your chances for a great payback are a lot better than betting on tired, stale old formulas and mindless rules.

Richard "RB" Botto

Nice review, Brett. Well done, man.

David Wayne Smart

Yes I agree with Richard, Nice review, a suggestion, is to proof read before posting. You'll notice that in the beginning, you spelled Kevin Costner wrong. Then later, you had the spelling correct. Still nice review.

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