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Multi-camera sitcom.

Does the multi-camera sitcom have a future on TV networks?

David Trotti

Yes. They're relatively inexpensive in their first year. If they fail, the network and studio aren't out too much money. If they succeed, the first three years are also reasonably cheap (most cast con...

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Looking for intelligent horror scripts that can be done for under 1 million.

I am looking for intelligent horror scripts that can be done for under $1 million. Ideally it would have a twist at the end. Interested in cabin in the woods type stories but not exclusively. We (me and my company Chariotdrive) are looking to develop and low budget horror feature and then pour a bunch ...

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Dan MaxXx

If you are set up financially (which every agent will return your call), you can walk into any local Los Angeles Agency and pick and choose WGA writers. Not only would you be part of the game, you and...

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Thomas Moore

I have a script.

Debbie Croysdale

Start at log line search here Stage 32, also Script Revolution run by CJ Whaley has plenty of horrors, and there is Blacklist in the States. I understand what you mean about “intelligent” horror, with...

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Lauran Childs

Read mine! ‘She Lives Again’. Will message you.

Kenn Junicue

Hey Dan, I have a great script that can be transformed into horror and thriller. Please take a look at the longline and synopsis on my page and le't's discuss

Web Series pre production

Anyone have some insight on developing a web series with a minimal budget?

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Do you have any specific questions?

Amber Greenlee

The Guild is a great case-study for a "Hollywood minimal budget." ( or if you want "realistic, made anywhere else minibudget", I recommend Theater People out of Minnesota (http:/...

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Robert Franklin

Have you tried raising money through crowdfunding?

Jackie Morris

I created a web series have a lot of notes lol

Sharice Bryant

Jackie Morris let's chat! hop in my messages, I have a few questions!

Original Pilot Submissions

Good places to submit an original pilot? Best to shoot a "Proof-Of-Concept" trailer to supplement script submission? I came across Amazon's link below. Was there also something similar for Netflix? Hulu?

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Hey is there anyone in the LA County area who works in development? Would love to sit and chat with you about strategies to get into that department and the challenges that I should prepare for. Contact me here or at Thanks!

Vitaly Kozlov

Very detailed. Love it.

Robert Franklin

Share it

Vitaly Kozlov

For sure.

TV pitch

My company, Straight FIRE Productions, has developed & filmed a POC sitcom called Family Tree. We are ready to pitch the package to networks. What is the best way to get this in the right hands? Thanks!

Nelle Nelle

Hey Morgan! Congrats on completing Family Tree! If you're ready to pitch, I'd head over to Stage 32 Happy Writers ( I'm working on developing a pil...

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Adam Foster

Hi Morgan, I know that in the US most broadcasters won't entertain an idea unless you are represented by a known agency. If not already represented maybe look into this or if you can create a series for it and upload it to YouTube, can try and get attention from broadcasters this way

Morgan Pyle

Thank you for that advice. I am finding that out and looking for an agent :)

Robert Franklin

I always thought it might be fun to write for TV, though never have

I'll break down your short script for free

Having just finished Jason Roberts' AD class, I'm really jazzed about this new skillset and possible career path! It suits my admin, organizational, and slightly OCD personality. Also, my lead-by-example mentality. Awesome stuff! What I want to do is this - any S32ers who have a short script comple ...

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Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Sounds good John. I sent a connect request so I could message you. If it works out, and you enjoy breaking down my short script, then hopefully we'll have some paid work on longer scripts.

Richard "RB" Botto

I even find that to be inspiring and motivating, John.

John Ellis

I want to thank everyone who responded to my offer to break down their script! I've gotten enough scripts to give me plenty of practice and keep me busy through Christmas, so I won't be taking any more submissions. Thanks again, it's really helped me (and those who submitted, I hope, too!)

Rob Jones

Thanks again John. If anyone needs their script broken down, a cast lists, Production strips John is your man.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

John Ellis thanks. I looked at the script breakdown you did, and your notes, and this could definitely help in budgeting and scheduling a production.

Livestreaming Advice

Hey guys! I'm hoping to get some assistance. I'm in the process of planning a production that I would like to livestream to FB using multiple cameras. One - I'm hoping to find a livestreaming expert who could help coordinate such a production (not just a youtuber, but someone who has broadcast live...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

If you can wrangle up iPads (you can shoot video at 1080 to 4K depending on the version), you can use Switcher Studio ( - perfect for streaming on FB.

Contacts overseas

Hello everyone. Been a minute....or a month, year, LOL! I just recently came down with the lovely, incurable creative disease called "Holy Crap I've got it-itus" and discovered material for two bio pics, one tight in reality, the other loosely inspired by actual events etc. etc..The thing is that on...

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Brittany DeVries


Vasco Phillip de Sousa

If you think of Europe as one single film market, then you are mistaken. How many Mexican films or Brazilian films or Haitian Films have you seen in the USA? Europe is as segmented as the Americas, if...

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Looking for Supernatural contacts

Does anyone on Stage32 know any of the writers, producers or directors on the TV show Supernatural? Especially any who are also on Stage32?

Legal Recommendations.

Hey guys, I'm a writer/director about to package my first feature and it's time to lawyer up.
Any recommendations?

John Ellis

Tifanie Jodeh is a member here and a top entertainment attorney.

Dan MaxXx

Combo. A Rep who works with a Lawyer/firm.
Their first question will be: are you set up/fully financed?
So have some meat on the bone to feed Sharks.

Ken Koh
David Heavener

I highly recommend Matt

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