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Andrew Cahill

Finding Collaborators

I am currently working a project that is about to start crowdfunding. I would like to try and get some collaborators together to work on the project, but don't know how much I'll be able to pay. No one wants to work for free, so how do I find people who are willing to join the cause. We already have cast members and a devoted team of people to help get the word out there about the campaign. I know that most of the time these connections come from personal relationships, which I have some, but having been in LA for a couple of years the number of connections I've made is minimal. Any advice will be helpful.

Christof Davis

Hi Andrew, if you need a composer for the project - I would be happy to have a chat about the music side of things.... :-)

Shawn Speake

What's good, Andrew! Meetups are a great way to get connected in your community. Cross-promote S32 with your local filmmaking and acting groups on FaceBook to increase numbers....

Erik Grossman

Hey Andrew, you can also make a posting on our jobs board! Just be up-front with expectations, and compensation (if it's just a credit or whatever).

Andrew Cahill

@Christof - I'm always looking for great music. I have a couple of films that would really benefit from a great score. PM me and we can start talking. @Shawn - Do the meetups usually get a nice attendance? @Erik - I have posted a couple of jobs and one, a screenwriter position, got a pretty good response. Can't hurt to keep posting right?

Rossano Gentili

Hi Andrew, thanks for the connection! Nice to meet you!

Shawn Speake

I had low numbers for my first 3 meetups so I upgraded my promotion strategies, and attendence at our last meetup was bananas! I believe the key to successful meetups is cross-promotion. Hit all Lounges that apply on S32, then promote the link in your local filmmaking groups on FB. If you have time add @stage32 to all of your posts :) Try this. See what happens. If you have any other questions feel free to hit me up 804-840-7509

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