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Martin Reese


Anybody ever pitch an feature film idea without a finished screenplay? Is it ever a good idea to do that?

Martin Reese

I see the answer to my question in a previous post. Basically finish the script first, pitch later. Thanks.

Martin Reese

Thanks for the comment. It makes sense.

Daniel Magill

I did once, sort of, at a pitchfest. Here's why: I had a script done, but I knew it needed to be rewritten. At the same time, I already knew the story well enough, and I wanted to practice pitching. I knew the script wasn't good enough for production, but I wanted to experience and improve my pitching skills. And the fest was on a set date, so it was now or wait another year. Plus there were other workshops to go to also, so I wasn't only going for the pitchfest. Basically, had anyone requested the script, I would have sent what I had. But I also was honest with them if they asked if I had a script (since apparently lots of people pitch without one), and told them yes but it needed a rewrite. That was a few years ago, and I considered it a great learning experience. Would I pitch without even having a first draft? No.

Martin Reese

Thanks for your comments, Daniel.

Fleurette M Van Gulden

Think you're right. The wrong pitch and logline may hurt that it leaves an indelible record of following projects that even rewites won't remove.

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