Filmmaking / Directing : Pitching to actors directly vs through agent by Sandrene Mathews

Sandrene Mathews

Pitching to actors directly vs through agent

There is an established actor that I would like to approach about being in my web series. We are acquainted in that he knows me by name and we've had several conversations but he's not someone I can just call up and ask. In this situation, would it be better to reach out to his agent, even mentioning that we know each other, or should I first approach him and see if he would be interested?

Shaun O'Banion

Hello, Sandrene - My advice would be first, to go through his/her manager (they tend to be easier to deal with in most cases). Failing that, just approach him/her directly if you're able. If he or she is "established" as you say, he or she may decide that it's not something he/she can do without consulting their reps... and that's fine... after all, the reps work on behalf of the talent. Just make sure whatever you're pitching is rock solid and ready for scrutiny. Whatever you do, DON'T CALL THE AGENT. If you can even get through, the response won't likely be very positive. Make a direct run and, if you don't get a positive response from the actor, move on to the next. Good luck! Also, check out my class on Development which starts today at 4pm!

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