Filmmaking / Directing : Short Film by Colby Scott Blackwill

Colby Scott Blackwill

Short Film

Im trying to find actors in my area and my high school but i can't seem to get anyone to commit. does anyone have any suggestions on how to find actors or make sure my existing actors will show up?

Stephen Marinaccio

Pay them.

Armando Alejandro

Advertise the gig on craigslist under creative gigs. If you cast girls then the guys will show up. Make sure you feed them.

Alex Llera

Offer food, copy of footage, and credit

Author Priscilla Shareese

both of the ideas submitted above i have done and it works

Adrian Barker

Post a sitting on this site, or Facebook. Feed your crew and actors for sure.

Randy Brown

Press to the button on your Stage 32 page that reads 'Expand My Network'. A new page will pop up and the people listed should be the closest Stage 32 Members to you geographically. Good Luck!

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