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Jermaine Nix

TV show Started?

Can someone help me with information how to start a TV show? Script written. I'm stuck there. Thank you.

Rafael Pinero

How many episodes do you have written? I think you have to shoot a pilot so you can show it to TV Networks and see if there's interest on airing the show.

Jermaine Nix

Yeah I have to shoot the pilot first, then send to TV networks to see if they are willing to air it on TV.

Regina Lee

Jermaine, if you're in America, don't shoot the pilot first. While there is a robust indie film market, there is not really a proven indie TV market in the US in which you'd shoot a pilot and then obtain distribution. That may be different in other countries. Sorry I don't have time to go through the entire TV landscape, but you'll need to go through all the traditional steps - get an agent/manager, get a producer/showrunner, sell the script to a TV studio/network, the network greenlights/picks up the pilot to production, etc. The traditional path is still the best path in the US for TV.

David Trotti

Regina is correct. TV is MUCH more conservative in development than indie features. The quick reason is a TV network or cable channel is not about putting on "one show," it is about a strategy to sell advertising blocks over a 24 hour period, 365 days a year. That requires a coordinated plan to integrate programming. On top of that you need to think of the whole season as one big budget. An average hour long episodic on network is $3 million per episode. That's a $66 million dollar commitment over 22 episodes, with most of it up front to build standing sets and hire name talent and producing/writing staffs. And if the show fails, it is a huge loss in advertising revenue to the entire schedule. On the other side, TV needs to "feed the beast" much more than theatre chains need to fill screens with indie fare. So there is always a need for product. But it is all very carefully pitched, vetted and controlled. And the cast, director, writers, producers and key department heads all have to be approved at the network level, so shooting a pilot on your own will only waste your time and money. Take your pilot script, bible, six episode ideas and go find a champion at an agency or through a proven showrunner with a track record willing to champion it.

Lina Jones

Hi Jermaine, sounds like your getting some good advice already! Good Luck ;D

Jeni Miller

This is great advice. I appreciate the post and the comments below it. Is there any advice you could offer as far as finding such a showrunner? I've done some recon on IMDb Pro, but it seems a bit overwhelming.

Jermaine Nix

Thank you everyone.

Fleurette M Van Gulden

Go to coverage and education. on stage32 or the writer's store. There are Pilot and TV courses

Rahul Himanti Pandey

Hi thanks everyone i m Indian directo

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