Filmmaking / Directing : Tv station looking for original content by Robert Niebrzydowski

Robert Niebrzydowski

Tv station looking for original content

To my entertainment friends. Anyone here or know of anyone who hosts or produces their own tv talk show. Send it to me and if it's tv ready looking I might air it on the entertainer tv station I'm developing for roku. Also still looking for sales people .... Also looking for music vids Good luck

Simon © Simon

Robert, How is your station coming along? Have you gone on Air?

Lisa Eismen

Are you still in need of music videos?

Dillon Mcpheresome

I have an idea for a talk show called "What were you thinking?" Where the host would interview people either fresh out of jail or who committed some stupid act. rsvp if you are interested.

Diana Murdock

I have a friend who has a web series called The Casting Couch targeted to actors new to the LA area. They have great tips and interviews. If this works for you, let me know and I'll connect you both.

Georgia Hilton

are you looking to purchase content ?

Art Thomas

Are you looking to license or purchase content? I had a student who recently created an interesting series entitled, WISH IT, Inc You can see episode one at:

Yara da Silva-Heying

Are you looking for a series, I am developing a Vampire themed film series. Feel free to contact me for information.

Mithun Purandare

Hey Robert, this music video rights are with me u can view it & pls do let me know about ur airing details.

Craig Cothren

Please email me at your submission requirements. Also, how long do you desire an individual show to be? YouTubish from 5 to 9 minutes or TV ish half hour format? Craig

Craig Cothren

Sent you a reply to your email. thankyou for responding. Craig

Will Pollock

Hi Robert -- thanks for posting this. I'm working on a TV show based on my book "Pizza for Good." it's not TV ready but in development and could be shot out of my studio. would love to talk to you about it.

David Lee Melton

I have a children's book that has a great content!

Mithun Purandare

Hey Robert u also mentioned some music videos.. this is micro low budget music videoTrance 2 featuring Mithun.Purandare and gilla:

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