Filmmaking / Directing : Awesome Pilot Script... Now What? by Felicia Renae

Felicia Renae

Awesome Pilot Script... Now What?

Hey guys! So I’ve got a great script. It’s been registered and copy written. I’ve got a cinematographer and a small staff who are excited to shoot and bring it to life. What else do I need to do before we begin casting and shooting? I haven’t officially done script coverage because I’ve had trouble finding a place that is universally accepted, I’ve gotten a lot of people who just suggested themselves

Dan MaxXx

You don't need script coverage or permission. Just have your people (cast & crew) do table reads, make changes as you see fit. Figure it out yourselves.

Good Luck.

Chad Stroman

You need to budget and schedule.

James Hoey

Hi Felicia. First two things you need to do are 1) Create a budget. I'm assuming you have the funding already. Start budgeting for known costs - camera equipment or rental, lighting, sound equipment, payment of cast/crew, and always set aside some money for Craft Services. Especially if you have people working for free or next to free. 2) Arrange a table read. Hear the script out loud, make notes, make changes, etc... and set deadlines for rewrites and additional reads. Then it comes down to scheduling. So many variables need to be considered, and not knowing where you are in the process I can only suggest; location scouting, securing shooting permissions, prop management, shooting script, it can go on and on. Budget is number one. Know where you need to spend the money vs. where you want to spend the money.

Erik A. Jacobson

Attaching one or more actors with "name" value will bring you added attention/financing.

Doug Nelson

Felicia - that 'lot of people who just suggested themselves." are the beginnings of your network, but learn to be ruthless about who you let in. My advice is to just shoot the thing and see how it comes out. It's your film, you'll learn a lot by shooting/editing it. If you don't like the way it turns out - change it and do it again.

Louella Foyle

Sounds like you are making progress Felicia, all the best to you with the project

Amy Balcomb

Hey Felicia. Thanks for reaching out & connecting. If I can be involved in any way with your projects I’d be honoured to have a chat.

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