Filmmaking / Directing : Hello oscar!!! by Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Hello oscar!!!

What are your (3) favorite all time Oscar winning Directors?

Chad Descoteaux

Christopher Nolan. Steven Spielberg. Oliver Stone.

Devasandhan Nair

Roman Polanski, Steven Spielberg & Christopher Nolan

Justin Kapr

Christopher Nolan is probably the most prolific director out there right now, but his Oscars aren't in the category of "Directing."

Kyle Climans

Nolan has never even won an Oscar.

If we're strictly talking about Best Director winners, I pick Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Spielberg (though I really would want to throw an honourable mention to the Coens, Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood and James Cameron).

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Justin- Thank you for responding.

Kyle- I love the Coen Brothers also.

Brian Shell

A director I hope someday to win the Oscar is Paulo Sorrentino... who recently did "The Young Pope" series on HBO and the movie "Youth" prior to that. He has the talent of a Stanley Kubrick or a Fellini... someone I consider more auteur.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Brian- You brought up an interesting aspect the "AUTEUR" Since I am a comedy writer/director I have to go with Woody Allen that qualifies for the label. But to really go back to early cinema you have CHAPLIN.

Brian Shell

Any masugah like us Steven must bow to the directorial prowess of Woody Allen... one of my favorite lines of his (from Annie Hall I believe), "How could I have misread those signals?!?" ;-)

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Brian- Just FYI Joey Nickels in 'ANNIE HALL' is my Uncle Hy Anzell (imdbpro) who did over a dozen of his films. So there is more of just an appreciation of his 'AUTEUR" abilities, There happens to be a family connection, And yes I have met him twice. We have talked and He does live in my neighborhood. Anyway I guess the apple does not fall to far from the tree. My only regret is that I waited to 62 to join the "Family Business" But better late than never. I mean I was creative before, If you call 30 years of writing ad copy on Madison Avenue creative, Anyway enjoy the Oscars LA LA LAND ehh for me not so much!!

D Marcus

My three favorite all time Oscar winning Directors are:

Alfred Hitch... Oh wait, never won one.

Stanley Kub... Whoops

Preston Sturg... damn!

David Lyn..Okay, I give up.

Bob Fosse

John Ford

Woody Allen

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

D Marcus Well, you finally got 3 and one of them I like very much!!

James Grant Goldin

Ford, Capra, Curtiz.

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