Filmmaking / Directing : I have one month to create a kick butt SCI Fi movie by Phill Turner

Phill Turner

I have one month to create a kick butt SCI Fi movie

Any tips from idea to screen play or more? thanks for looking!

Darren Wiesner

I'd look at other kickass movies for inspiration and knowledge.

Rik Carter

One month from your July 25 post? So you know have three weeks? How's it going?

Robert S. Evans

One Month for a Kick butt movie? Sci-Fi. Idea to screenplay. Most really good scripts take months to finish. I'd like an update on this.

Rik Carter

I guess Phill is way too busy to post updates here. I know I would be. Hopefully in September we'll hear back.

Philip Sedgwick

Hire a good writer who drinks a lot of coffee.

Denise Cruz-Castino

You can do it! I've written a script from outline to finish in two weeks for a producer. So that gives you two weeks to come up with the idea. Yes inspiration from other films will help. See what they did and find out what would happen if you tweaked that idea. Could you approach a similar idea from another way? From another character's point of view? From the antag's view as the hero this time? Good luck!

Brian Linn

I've got music if you need it. Free of charge my friend.

Pierre Langenegger

So have you written a screenplay before? I assume that you have pitched an idea and they said give us a first draft in a month? I can understand a treatment in a month but a screenplay? Would love to hear an update.

Ben Trebilcook

We're currently doing one at the moment here in London. The director who's quite big in the Bmovie Sci-Fi game, penned a script in no time at all, I cast half of it and as he's got a month before he heads back Stateside, he thought he'd shoot it. He's shot in London and elsewhere in the UK and uses a load of cool effects. He had the bonus of distribution and sales already in place for future titles of his, so win win. Depends what kind of movie you're going for. If you have the time, equipment and resources, a bit of cash, then go for it. It's all experience.

Mark Georgeff

It's fun creating these types of stories; especially in the B movie genre. There's so much solid, classic examples which've stood the test of time. I've written a few specs in this genre and am doing a sci-fi horror hybrid at the moment. In film school we're forced in a hibernator existence...where in one quarter -- 3 months -- we go from outline to first draft for just ONE writing class and...that's in addition to ALL other classes. I wrote 10 feature specs in different genres for different budgets during film school for just my writing sections alone. I wrote 10 additional specs during that 3 year time period also in addition to my other classes; directing a student short and crewing on other student shorts. A very detailed BEAT STEP OUTLINE works best for me. Start off with a 20-40 ACTION beat more than 3 single line para. per ACTION BEAT. This is a 2 to 3 page outline. I expand this to a 6 to 8 page outline in the increasingly detailed ACTION BEATS...with all specific conflicts and choice resolutions laid out and resulting actions from those choices. To me, as a writer first and foremost before being a director? If I don't have conflict in a matter how minimal it appears -- it's not a scene. And believe NEED to have minimal conflicts in scenes so that the scenes a MOUNTAIN RANGE graph. Peaks and valleys are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in the writing stage..because you don't want to NOT HAVE THEM in the editing room. Then...once the outline is exactly where you want it...and all you're conflicts, etc., are laid can start he first draft. If I do this correctly? I can have a solid draft ready to show in 8 weeks. And hopefully, it's 60 to 70 percent ready to start boarding and shooting. That doesn't discount additional revisions and if your story consists of one major interior location; everything is much more sped up.

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