Filmmaking / Directing : Practice. by Don Zorbas

Don Zorbas


How important do you think it is making small little shorts to hone your craft as a filmmaker? Thanks

Waruingi Mwaniki

It's important to do so, if you have the means i.e. helps build up your confidence plus keeps one busy.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

I can't think of what short films Tarantino made. Many other filmmakers start with their first film as a feature (sometimes as a gopher/runner or extra), and more than a few start in music videos, television, advertising, or corporate. It's not necessary, but, if you have no other opportunities, it can help. That said, I think short film festivals are over-rated. And, having made both shorts and features, it's a completely different animal.

Dan MaxXx

tarantino was making short films while working at the video store, couldn't afford film school

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Dan Max, read Tarantino's biography. He had some extra parts on the Golden Girls, did acting classes, watched lots of videos, interviewed directors, eventually sold some scripts. Nothing in there about short films, but if you know of one, let me know the title.

Dan MaxXx

QT was shooting film, not video, with Roger Avery . any experience , short or feature, is great experience. Lots of stuff on paper doesn't relate or work in real world production with actors & crew

David Hinsch

It is very important. Not only does it hone your filmmaking ability, but it builds a portfolio that can prove your filmmaking ability to production companies and co-filmmakers alike.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Tarantino tried one feature, and apparently it was so bad, they wouldn't show it to investors for Resevoir Dogs. It's best to get a runner job (or extra job) on a feature. Shorts are like sprints, features like marathons.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Oh, and I think Orson Wells started on features too (then he went a little funny and anti-commercial, but that's another story). Laurel and Hardy started with shorts, and I love those shorts, but shorts had a market back then. And their features never really met the same quality as their shorts. It's easier to get investors if there's a market. A lot of filmmakers who made great shorts made lousy features, and vice versa.

Dave McCrea

I think making movies makes you a way better screenwriter. You can see if what you write works or not, and you can again learn from editing the movie.

Don Zorbas

Thanks folks! I really appreciate it. And I totally agree in my opinion I think someone should shoot as many shorts as possible whether there one minute or 10 minutes before they go to a feature.

Mark Nickells

100% agree. Spielberg , and Lucas began their wares in a garage. Look what happened. Ton's of trial and error, and probably a lot of misfires. They never gave up. I would be curious, going back in to their history, how many "Super 8" three and a half minute films they made? Before Lucas hit pay dirt in 1977 with Star Wars, or Spielberg with "Jaws, or Jurassic Park?" We all the potential. It just takes time, and a whole of patience .

Clayton Broomes Jr.

I think it is very important. To add to what Mark Nickells rightfully said, look at Steve McQueen's IMDB. He made a lot of short films before making Hunger, the film that got him into Hollywood. Now he is an Oscar winner.

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