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Jonas David

Project Overwhelm

I have the habit of running too many project at the same time, saying yes to something new to early and prohibiting some (free) project's finish by setting the priority on the new and better opportunities. I know that I need to get rid old projects first before moving on but somehow its really hard to do. Is the only thing one can do to practice iron discipline and not take on any new projects no matter the allure while relentlessly finishing or is there another way and I am missing it? Anybody got any experience with this kinda problem?

Thank you for reading and recommendations :D



Karen "Kay" Ross

Oh, yes, and twice on Sunday. Post-production is my nemesis LOL! Part of it is the fear of letting it go and letting it change beyond my control (after all, how the audience sees what you make is not to be expected to be the same as what you intended, and you have to let that go, too).

If you get a chance, I would recommend you read/use The Artist's Way. There is a part about how creatives don't use discipline to make their art, but enthusiasm. Also, we use procrastination out of fear, not laziness. So, if you can identify and process what fear is stopping your completion, and find what excites you about completing it, then perhaps you can find a way to make it a priority.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask - I was able to negotiate to start on set later than anticipated to ensure I would not be distracted with another gig, and it worked out as a satisfactory "Option C".

James Welday

It's easier to start a new project than to complete an old one. What I do is jot the new idea down, as much as I can, then put it to the side. If you treat your work in progress like an assignment, it will get done faster. Hope this helps!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Too many ideas, not enough time or resources. Every creative has this challenge.

D 4 Disgruntled

I completely agree. In my past I used to do that out of desperation and learned better as the years passed.

Dan MaxXx

chose a project that pays income so you can pursue the other projects on your own Time,

Craig D Griffiths

I don't have this problem in writing. But had it in IT Projects. So I hired a project manager to sit above me (yep I purchased a boss). Franco's job was to keep things on track and finalise things.

So you need something like this and develop the ability to say "no". I guessing you have a low boredom threshold.

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