Filmmaking / Directing : Serial killer movie. by Don Zorbas

Don Zorbas

Serial killer movie.

Friends, out of the four serial killers Ted Bundy, John Gacy, The Night Stalker and Dahmer, which one would you want to see a movie on?

D Marcus

None. All four have had plenty of movies based on them.

Don Zorbas

What if they were approached in a "Silence of the Lambs way?"

Paul J.J. Pastore

The Night Stalker. Very methodical and hard to pinpoint.

Doug Nelson

None of 'em.

Paul J.J. Pastore

The ones I have in "Serial School" (my screenplay).

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

First, I have to admit that I'm a bit tired of stories based around serial killers per se. For example, I liked Silence of the Lambs not so much because of Hannibal Lecter but because of Clarice Starling's vigorous opposition to him. Hence, when 'Hannibal' came along and Clarice was, in my view, a pathetic empty shadow of her former self, I found the story boring. Of those you mention, I'd say I be most likely to read or watch a story concerning Ted Bundy. He had a certain (perverted) 'flair'. Apparently good looking as far as the ladies were concerned. Etc. From what I know about Dahmer, he was simply disgusting and being not particularly bright, didn't get caught because of luck and/or errors on the part of the authorities. I'm not sure what you could with Gacy since I saw what was for me a definitive bio-pic of him was done with Brian Dennehy playing Gacy. I know almost nothing about the Night Stalker.

Shane Kelly Davis

I would like to see a Arthur Shawcross movie, Leonard Lake and Charles NG, Edmund Kemper if they had not made one already. They are too many too mention!!

Mike Sorrinni

John Gacy, I've seen one or two on him but the whole story on him is just so utterly insane.

Lina Jones

Don't they have a movie about at least two of them Dahmer and Ted Bundy & Gacy. I personally would not want to see any of them again.

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