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Filmmaking / Directing : Setting Small Goals by Peter Dowd

Peter Dowd

Setting Small Goals

In the spirit of RB's recent challenge - to step outside of our comfort zones and begin forging relationships, sharing content, and seeking out ways to give compliments and feedback, I've uploaded a script of mine to my profile, a feature length horror/comedy, for all to see and critique, as well as some short films that I've written and directed, to begin sharing my demo reel and putting myself out there a bit more.

What small goals are you setting this week? What are you hoping to achieve in your next steps to taking your career further?

Ruben Diaz

Having a horror feature going through a reading and once it's done the first official draft will appear on Stage 32. :) Also, working on my five pages a day system for the next script.

Peter Dowd

Ruben, 5 pages is a day is great pace. How do you outline your stories? What system do you follow?

Ruben Diaz

It really depends, there are some stories that I outline as I go. For the horror feature I just finished, I never outlined anything. In the script I want to finish next, I wrote a four-page synopsis and a lot of world-building stuff first.

Five pages a day can be script or outline or character bios. I find that it's not an unrealistic number and you can get a lot done.

Ruben Diaz

Kay, that is a really interesting technique. I essentially do it already without the 'X's or calendar. I try to write every day no matter what. It's definitely good to give yourself sort of micro-goals.

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