Filmmaking / Directing : Staying creative between gigs... by Nathalie Sejean

Nathalie Sejean

Staying creative between gigs...

Hey guys, I'm wondering how you stay creative between two directing gigs? not necessarily related to being creative filming of course, just in general, to nurture your skills when months can pass between two jobs or projects… Thanks for sharing! Nathalie

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Nathalie - staying creative is one of the hardest processes.... I know many colleagues that expand past their comfort zone and try something different. For example, write if you are a director, or edit if you are an actor...keep the brain going. That's all you can do!

JD Hartman

Take a different job on the crew of another person's project. AD, 2nd AD, scripty, art dept assist., 2nd AC, etc.

Nathalie Sejean

interesting thoughts, you guys both went on swiping jobs, which I like! thanks for taking the time to share your ways!

Shari D. Frost

good question, and good advice for anyone!

Dave McCrea

Hi Nathalie, I believe creativity is a result of what you take in. So if you feel uncreative, get inspired by taking in life, other movies, books, whatever the case may be. If you keep feeding your mind, the creativity will return

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