Filmmaking / Directing : Tenacity and when to give up by Lauren Lindsey

Lauren Lindsey

Tenacity and when to give up

Hello talented and cool individuals! My name is Lauren and I am a SAG-AFTRA actress, singer, comedienne and filmmaker. I have been at this career since I was about 7. At times it has been extremely rough, but I refuse to give up. I am in my late 20's and while I have done a lot, I am not where I want to be. But then again, who is? I guess my question is about being realistic when it comes to this business. I recently began writing, producing and directing my own sketch comedy projects, and now I am venturing into feature length and short filmmaking. Writing and producing your own work is freeing but as many of you know also very rough. Everyone is passionate and sensitive about their ideas and wants to get them made. How do you know if your idea is well, good enough? One of my ideas I have a very clear vision for (I see the scenes vividly in my head and how they would play out on the big screen) and I think would make an excellent film. But since it is my first time doing it that I will probably get rejected again and again when pitching , especially because my film is centered around the struggles of a semi homeless, mentally ill woman and Hollywood still does not seem to be interested in stories about struggling women (just my opinion). So I guess my question is, if no agent/producer/studio believes in your work or won't produce it , and it is very hard doing the Indiegogo/Kickstarter thing, when do you give up or what do you do? Especially if you believe whole heartedly in it and it is close to your heart? What if someone is interested in your film but wants to change a lot about it? Sorry for the long ramble! I would just like to get some feedback and suggestions. Any success stories with this? Peace and success, Lauren

Nkosi Guduza

I think any movie i.e. mentally ill woman... has way... I would never, EVER say this is what they want and what they only take. Maybe I would but it could be true as it may be true.... but there is always somebody who breaks through Shatters... so what I am saying. Have it very much a SHATTERING screenplay. Shattering all that's being made, at least with genre or similarities but really being up there with the elite movies. Here then your pitch should be able to suffice but I think it is a huge push - heard of the saying move mountains? Take that attitude I suppose. Although remember Mountains can be moved in different ways, sometimes in a subtle way, but make sure it moves? That way if it doesn't work. You can rest satisfied. (also this should mean no changes in script needed, because you've dealt with it) but then again, they may be good ideas, so flexibility is good, like the wind be like the wind, Storm your work through and carry that MOUNTAIN. x

Scott Seargeant

Make a short out of it send to film festivals and others in industry. See if you can get a sponsor in the mental health/homeless business to differ the costs. Send and post short to everyone you know or come in contact with. One thing people love is a passionate person..

JR Kingsbury

Shoot one scene, five minutes and send it out.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Why not do it as a short web series? See if you can interest students fro a local film school to work on it -- for credit.

Shannon Arrant

Who are you pitching it to and how are you pitching it? You need to make sure you're pitching it to the right people in a way that will intrigue them. For instance, I like to write a lot of period dramas. I'm not going to pitch any of my period pieces to someone that's only interested in horror or sci-fi. What's your logline? Is it interesting? Does it make people want to know more? Once you have them hooked with your logline, do you know where to go from there? What's your attitude while you're pitching it? Are you apologetic about what you're pitching? Do you walk in there with the attitude that they probably won't accept it anyway because it's a script about a mentally ill homeless woman? Or do you walk in there confident, passionate, and with the attitude that they're missing out on something special if they pass? Whatever you're thinking or feeling internally will show through in your pitch. When are you pitching it? Hollywood is cyclical. At various points, certain genres are all the rage. That's why you'll see a lot of fantasy or sci-fi movies crop up all at once. Pay attention to what's being sold and made when and use it to determine when to start pitching.

Jessie Bernard

Don't give up. Don't ever give up.You are never out of options. Get creative with your resources.

Lauren Lindsey

Thanks for the wonderful advice guys!

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