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Socorro Jones

The Next Step!

I'm living in a bit of a nightmare(mostly because I was embarrassed to ask but it's killing me!!) I have an awesome script. Penned a great Action/Thriller. Researched how to properly write/copywrite a Script for a Screenplay. Pitched it to friends to make sure the story is one people can follow and be gripped by. Received truly awesome feedback and suggestions that I've applied. Chose some of the Score but ugghhh I'M DEADLOCKED and it's kinda Torture. I don't know the next step to getting this Short Film up. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated! I'm a great listener to wisdom. You won't be wasting your time. Thanks

Mark W. Travis

Soco, can you be clearer about what you mean by "getting this FIlm Up"? Do you mean getting it made? Do you mean how to approach the next rewrite of the script (which almost every script needs)? Do you mean getting professional feedback on the script? Let me know as I'd be happy to advise. And, Soco, let us know the state of the film, first draft, 4th draft, etc. etc. That makes a difference. And, have you (besides this post) sough professional feedback, advice or consultation?

Jonathan Ball

Step 1: Pitch it to complete strangers. Friends and family have a high-level of esteem and love for us, so they love to praise us. Find strangers that will be ruthless with their feedback. Endure their opinions, and adjust to make sure you reach the broadest audience possible for your work.

Step 2: Stop trying to do it all by yourself. You wrote it, you have the vision, et al. Don't try to score it, produce it, fund it, direct it, grip it and rip it by yourself. Take the time to build your team of people you can trust and continue to work with over the course of a grueling process.

Step 3: Get used to hearing "no", but never accept that as the final answer. Drive forward with passion. The only thing you should back away from is your shyness to share your endeavor.

All the best!

Socorro Jones

Hi guys!! First thank you for your responses. It's Pilot Season and I'm just trying to keep swimming lol. I'll jump right in...

Hi Mark W. Travis!

- I'm trying to get to the next step after the 1st draft. I haven't sought professional feedback as of yet. Not paid someone or sat in consultation. I'm seeking guidance and options for things I can do on my own before dragging someone in on madness or wasting time so I'd appreciate your thoughts on 2nd-however many drafts and then on getting it made as well. What are your views on Screenwriting Contests, i've gotten some suggestions on that? I do want to film it (with a team of course). I don't want to sell the script. Indie Short Film for Festivals is the goal.Thanks so much. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Hi Jonathan Ball

- I definitely have pitched to a good amount of different personalities and received some great feedback and adjustments. People from all walks can follow the story and say things like I'd watch that and I'd probably watch that over and over to see what I might have missed and that could be a series and on and on but the most important to me was "I followed you the whole time." but definitely will keep doing that. Thanks for that. And Ok, a team..gonna start working on that immediately because the most fascinating thing coming from a Dance background where I've relied solely on me is many people it takes to set up a Set and get a single shot, lit, mic'd, speeding & rolling.. so I hear you loud and clear on the "Don't try to do this alone" tip!! Thanks so much to you! Very helpful!

Hi Jim Jackson,

- I'm keeping that breakdown of definitions because at first glance I want to be a writer who is directly involved with the making of the film. I don't need to be working the equipment and producing everything and I want a team for ideas, input and manpower, but I want final say in the vision and I want to write the film so honestly, I don't know if I can say I want to be one or the other but a combination of sorts. Maybe Director/Writer? I'm asking lol. It's important for me to know my Roles on the team as well so I don't hire for my own job right! Lol! Thanks for your input. Truly appreciate it!!

Ok well that's a wrap for now and I will check back more frequently because this is freakin awesome feedback and now I don't feel so intimidated by this crazy awesome thing that won't leave me alone!

Grateful for you all, #onwardandupwardinart


Julian London

Hey Soco, good to hear youre making movements and taking steps. I would say you may need to build a small team of like minded individuals who will work with you to get it through to the right people.

You can also just put an ad out for the necessary film professionals needed to shoot.

As an actor im always looking for new projects to jump on and quite often I take up the role as assistant or executive producer as i like to be quite involved on the independent film development process.

I reside in the UK so if you were looking to shoot here i could put you in touch with my team, as for the US i would be happy to be a part of it all if i was there. Hope you get it up and running

Socorro Jones

Thank you Julian! Wish you were here! You sound like a true asset! I'm on that team building idea! Best to you!

James Grant Goldin

So, you haven't actually cast or filmed it yet? If not, I see you've got some director and cameraman friends in your area; get one interested; now you're a producer working with a director. Work out what camera you want to shoot on, what the scenes are and where the locations are and start casting. There should be some good talent in Vegas; if not, you can put out a call to actors (SAG or not) in Los Angeles, if you can afford to pay their expenses. (Which may be a stretch.) Getting location agreements may be a pain--depending on what your script requires. But, I mean, it's Las Vegas...there's no such thing as impossible, right?

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