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Filmmaking / Directing : What do i do? by Elijah Eskin

Elijah Eskin

What do i do?

I am a 13 year old amiture film maker in israel, I've made about 70 or 80 short films and written many little screenplays and story's, i also do the music for my films and I've been writing songs for 7 years. I make films all the time with my two friends and we have a channel where we upload different kind of kiddy short films, called School Day and we will be uploading in the next month. I want to get into a good film school when i grow up, what do i do?

Mikki Hall

Research the schools. Find the ones that actually have good filmmakers coming out of them. Some film schools are only in it for the money and not teaching you what you really need to know. Don't waste your money on those schools. Start inquiring into the schools now and get a feel for them.

Ken Belsky

Make good grades, make great films. Save up your tuition.

Ken Koh

70 or 80 films! You're a real force! NYU is good. All you can forego film school and just work on films to gain experience.

Lina Jones

Do you have a link I would love to see some of your films.

Thomas C Koveleskie

1) Read and study all you can about filmmaking and the business side of making a film. 2) Step away from the computer and go make films... :)

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