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Adrian Pedrin V.

No budget Filmmaking

So I just finished my first feature, I should not mention this but I'll do it anyway, I did a feature in Mexico for 6000 pesos which is (was at the time of filming) 500 dollars, the beauty of it is that id does not suck or look like a 500 dollar film so i want a distribution deal to get it off my hands make back the money i spent and start filming another one. I have heard that pretty much any film can be sold, the real question is how much would i get for it, is this something a distributor would be interested in? or should i just sell it myself since all i have to make back is 500 dollars and anything else is just profit?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Adrian - congratulations on completing your film, that's fantastic. Since you made it for such a great rate, you should maybe consider a partnership to screen it at a local theater to get back your money. Or, another route would be to take it to film festivals. Most importantly, though, congrats!

Adrian Pedrin V.

Thank you Julie! Those are great ideas!!

Rafael Pinero

Well you can't just take it to film festivals, you have to submit and get accepted to screen at the festival. But some film festivals have film markets, like the Guadalajara film festival in Mexico. You can just subscribe and attend this markets to sell your film to a distributor.

Myles Shane

Hi Adrian, I'm a sales agent from Canada and would love to see your film. myles@hiltz2.com

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