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Distribution : Putting up Internet content - is location important at first? by Ryan Mooney

Ryan Mooney

Putting up Internet content - is location important at first?

Hello there Stage 32ers, I've been contemplating something over the past few days or so, and I wanted to throw it out to the group, and see what you guys think about this. My theory is that, if you're putting up content online, be it sketches, short films, web series, etc., it doesn't matter where you are at, at least at first. You have to do the marketing things to get you noticed online, but you can be noticed from any location, be it Iowa or LA. Eventually you may have to move to one of the big cities, i.e. if you get an agent interested in you from your content, but getting noticed can happen from anywhere. I am looking at putting up online content while living in Ohio. I know that eventually I would have to go to NYC or LA, but hopefully I will be moving for a reason, such as having an agent notice my online stuff, or getting some sort of project as a result of my online content. What does everyone else think of this? Do you still think that, even if you're doing content online, you would still need to be in the NYC/LA market, or do you think that, as long as you have the resources, you can garner attention from anywhere, and only move if you have a reason to move (agent or project)?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Ryan - this post got buried a few pages back, but the topic is GREAT for discussion. It does not matter where you live. Watch this On Stage With RB March broadcast and pay attention to RB's interview with Stage 32 member Jairo Alvarado. He is a manager at Circle of Confusion who found a filmmakers short online from Amsterdam. He turned that into finding over $54k in funding for film a proof of concept for SUNDAYS, now Warner Bros. bought it for 7 figures: https://www.stage32.com/media/1128885276551161274 Jairo's also a judge for our short film contest.

Regina Lee

You're right; it doesn't matter. Many of the biggest YouTube stars are not based in NYC or LA. I don't have stats on the percentages, but I know that's true. You could put together some stats yourself if you desire by going to YouTube stats sites like SocialBlade.

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