Distribution : RB's April Challenge (day 13) by Geoff Hall

Geoff Hall

RB's April Challenge (day 13)

DISTRIBUTION AND SOCIAL MEDIA for Independent Filmmakers. RB wrote an article on 'Medium' yesterday, 'So You Think You Have Nothing to Offer on Social Media? Think Again!' Here's a quote. "I believe that sharing content offers a unique insight into what interests me on a personal and professional level." If you look back over my rising to RB's challenge, you can see what I'm interested in, what excites me about storytelling. But then comes the responses, some of which have led to deeper conversations on email, about the things which daunt me in getting a feature film made in the UK, or the common excitement of creating new stories, new worlds. I work with a group of artists in Bristol UK and some time ago provided social media training, because every artist needs to connect and communicate with their audience on a regular basis. The enthusiasm for this 'revelation' lasted a little while, but for many of us in The Group, not long enough to be come part of our practice. I seem to be one of the exceptions. My publisher Chris Lorensson has also reinforced to me how important this is if you don't have a large publicity and advertising budget and the truth of that has stuck with me ever since. Then I came across Jason Brubaker, an independent film distribution guru, if ever there was one. He impressed upon me that an indie filmmaker needs not only to take social media seriously, but also to grow an email list. Why? Because it shows the commercial potential of our films and distribution companies and VoD service providers, are interest in expanding their market share. I'm usually asked how long I spend on social media per week? Whether or not I think it's just a trendy fad that will pass? Whilst considering how we as artists need to find and nurture an audience for our work, does social media really work? Maybe you'd like to answer those questions below? Here's the video. I hope you enjoy and comment below. https://youtu.be/Dw_LA9CUvoU

Geoff Hall

Hi Lynn, this is actually a clip from a much longer interview, which I didn't want to post, because I thought it would be too long for this platform. Yes, I don't think he's saying it's a win/win method, but that it helps when an outfit like Chill looks for films to show on their VoD service. At the end of the day, it's about the quality of stuff that we produce...which we hope will shine through. For my current film, we are planning to employ someone to produce all the social media content, which will follow the grand brand design, to help create an audience. If it helps in any way, we'll do it!

Robert Franklin

I watched this.....good!

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