Post-Production : Adobe CC 2014 by Mark Miessner

Adobe CC 2014

What do you guys think about Adobe CC 2014?

Till Noever

I'm good with the business model. That way I can afford it, while I couldn't have afforded the price for a purchase. Besides it's going to be a part of our software-purchase future, so might as well roll with the punches.

Branko Blazevski

I've tested premiere cc and cs 6 with the same settings, effects, on the same PC and I can say that cc renders quickly and utilizes CPU more efficiently. The render was faster by 20-25% with the CC.

Kevin Mcnu

u all think Premiere CC is better than CS6?

Branko Blazevski

Definitely better.

Tony Picciotti

I think U will finf Adobe PP 2014 is very orenited to Editors, lots of things to help, When they allow Speedgrade to Direct link to Sections of the PP clips ( a scene) then it will become a very powerful system,

Rachel Miranda Jones

Tony- any major differences from the previous version?

Tony Picciotti

Mostly small short cuts for quicker editing,

Jack Deacon

CC seems to be more stable at this point. Always depends what you are running it on now. However interestingly, the AE team released a statement at the start of the year saying that now they are pretty happy with all the features that are in the software, they are going to focus on making it more stable and faster, as in, much much faster. This is due to the focus mainly being on adding more and more features. Will be very interesting to see what happens later in the year.

Derek Nickell

Since Adobe will stop supporting old versions here soon, it is always best to keep up on the latest software. The same reason I left FCP and Apple and switched to a PC Avid/Premiere/Resolve editing base.

Georgia Hilton

i'm liking it... Doing a large feature delivery and jumped over to AE 2014 ( Premier / AE ) no issues.

Rachel Miranda Jones

I’ve been using 2014 for over a week now. I have had a few crashes in AE; however the comp in question had about a million layers and effects, so it may be just that.

Simon © Simon

I use Cs6, when i first got it I was on the forum asking this or that. Got some great help. About creating. I go over there now and it seems that most posts are bout crash, import, or errors. Although having the latest new effect at your fingys is awesome. In reality how much effects does one use in transitions, or ironing our sound ? If you are a full time Motion Graphic Artist go check out Blender. A real 3D FREE open source software. Not easy to learn, but once you do, you will realize that most everything you see on TV is made in 3d from milk pour to spill to ?? I use AE and PP Cs6 for finish touches or editing your average Documentary, Short, or feature. If someone wants CGI I do it AE, but if they want 3d CGI, I head over to Blender to create the assets, KF and then composite in AE in 2D which all movies are pretty much.Unless it is a 3d movie. With the CC you can get Cin 4d lite but...To get the real deal you gotta pop for the upgrade. Prem Pro does have a few more deliverable codecs or imports of the new cams. I am referring to the newest of the new cams. So if you are working on average 4K, Black Magics, Panny, Sony, Canon mpeg 2, mpeg4, R3D, The older will get you there. AS a Matter of fact Blender handles most of the newest of the new too. As well as Blenders render engines have the capabilities to use multi GPU's even of different manufactures.

Jon Miles

Must have.

Aaron Piper

Adobe is great because of the easy collaboration among programs and people. It has changed my workflow immensely.

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