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Financing / Crowdfunding : Despite having great script and worldwide team, crowdfunding failed for my film by Mohen Naorem

Mohen Naorem

Despite having great script and worldwide team, crowdfunding failed for my film

I have tried to raise few funds either by financing or crowdfunding for a WWII based movie which has star cast from Japan, UK. Canada and India. Shooting locations also have many locations - Thailand, Japan and India. However, I failed to raise funds for the film. It seems crowdfunding is not for a new director or production house. Or is it based on location of the production team. I would be happy to get some information on correct way of starting campaign.

Amanda Toney

Hi Mohen, we actually had a fantastic webinar on this subject: https://www.stage32.com/webinars/How-To-Use-Crowfundfunding-To-Turn-Your... You can also watch a free interview with filmmaker Steve Desmond who raised $30K for his short film: https://www.stage32.com/media/1192546734148953455

Ondrej Michalek

Hi Mohen, It is a pitty you were not successful, however I would not give up. I personally like WWII movies and would like to see more of them. There is an app which could help you not only with funding but also with finding potential buyers from top industry companies. I really recommend checking it out - www.filmplix.com - also the registration is for free.

Lauran Childs

Hi - tried crowd funding too and it didn't work, heard it doesn't for a lot of people. Maybe it's not for you? Good luck with the funding! Am working on that too...

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Crowdfunding is not free money. It takes a huge social networking effort and if you do not have a huge social network presence on Twitter, Facebook and others, and if you are not going to work your network every day, your crowdfunding WILL fail. There are NOT millions of people looking at kickstarter and indiegogo hoping to find someone to givemoney to. You have to bring them there... those are just deal sites where you close the sale and get the money.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Don't give up, Mohen! Get your logline and screenplay up on your stage32 website, and start pitching to execs that match your project right here on st32. If it's a dream worth fighting for, keep fighting for it =)

Terri Viani

Hi Mohen, my creative partner and I ran a successful Rocket Hub crowdfunding campaign for our independent TV pilot, Farm Story, and I can tell you that what Shadow says above is correct. I'm not sure what exactly you did with your campaign of course but you HAVE to be relentless in pushing it, working your social media, working your email lists, pestering your friends and family to share it around. The big trick though is to do this in a way that doesn't seem like you're pestering people. Be funny, be sharp, be honest and emotional about your project, whatever it is that you can do to give people a reason to support you. Remember there are thousands of people out there trying to do what you're doing, and tap into your unique qualities, and those of your project. If you have any marketing gurus in your circle call on that friendship for help, or barter with that person and exchange work with them. Put up pictures and videos. Update regularly. Be real and passionate. DON'T GIVE UP!! =)

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