Brandon Leatherman

I started really acting back in the mid-2000's. Some guys at my (then) fiance's work were going to film a movie, and they needed an actor. I was bored and wanted something to do, and thought that would be something fun. It turns out that acting is a type of drug: all it takes is one time, and you're hooked. After that short film I got married and we moved down to Wilmington, NC, where a large number of movies and TV shows were being filmed at the time. It was there that my appetite for acting grew, and I got a taste for theater as well. Since then I've been in a wide variety of film and stage roles, from background to lead, and I've begun writing a number of short stories and scripts to hopefully film myself someday. I'm living back in Ohio now (temporarily?) but am still pursuing the dream.

Shawn Speake

Forget the 'D' word, bro. PLAN. Plan, my man... Plan... It's a dream on Facebook. Here we plan - focus on craft and education - and make the plan happen. STAGE32 is here to make 'your plan' happen. That's what we're gonna do. Always here for you :)

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Myron DeBose


Travis Sharp

Can I dream that I'll make a plan one day? :-)

Brandon Leatherman

Shawn Speake Thank you for your encouragement! And you're right- planning gets me closer to where I want to be than dreaming does.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Brandon!

Shawn Speake

It's all about how we talk to ourselves. We are what we think we are. If we think working in this business is a dream, that's what it will be. This business is the same as any other - it's a job. A blessed job, but a job nonetheless. Talk about it in a realistic way for better business results.

Shawn Speake

Always here for you, Brandon. Providing up and coming creatives with pages of my playbook is what I do. I'm like the Joel Osteen of Screenwriting - here to plant seeds of greatness :)

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