Introduce Yourself : Casting Director by Michelle Quin

Michelle Quin

Casting Director

Hi everyone I’m Michelle a Melbourne Australian Casting Director for nearly 30 years I love my job and I’ve had the privilege of casting many now famous actors.

To all the actors and performers out there please remember it’s not all about looks. Great skills and self belief will always succeed.

Stay safe and keep well.


Michelle Quin

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Michelle Quin! Nice to meet you! Aww, thanks for that! That actually means a lot to me, as I have no "traditional" look, so my default roles tend to be "mom" or "Aunt", "teacher", or "lawyer". But the truth is, if you love the work and do it well, then that outshines anything else.

Would you do me a favor and re-post this or expand on this in the Acting Lounge? I know that many more of our acting community would love to hear your encouragement!

And if you have an extra few minutes, maybe respond to some other conversations going on in there, too ;-)

Thanks again, and enjoy exploring!

HB Duran

Thanks, Michelle Quin what a positive message! I started pursuing an acting career at 18 but never "made it," but keep thinking about trying again. I'm with you, Karen "Kay" Ross regarding not looking like a traditional lead (although you are lovely!) so it's nice to know that a casting director won't look at me and immediately say NEXT!!

Michelle Quin

My pleasure...I’m glad you liked my introduction, I’m about to start writing a blog on my casting Facebook page because I’d love more actors to believe in themselves. I’m really saddened about the emphasis that’s put on appearance and often forgetting about their individuality and self belief.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Aww, thanks so much, HB Duran! You're quite the stunner yourself!

Michelle Quin Definitely start the blog! Have you thought about doing a post for Stage32? I'm sure more members would love to learn from your experience and hear your encouragement!

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